Former CIA officer claims UFOs are harbingers of earthquakes

Former CIA officer Andrew Bustamante claims that glowing objects in the sky, which we usually categorize as UFOs, may actually be warning signs of earthquakes, reports

Andrew spent many years of research in the field of ufology and along the way he met many mysterious objects that he could not identify.

In an interview on The Sean Ryan Show, Andrew described seeing strange glowing spheres that change direction and admitted that he didn’t know what those objects were. He also added that many of the objects we call UFOs could be man-made, not aliens.

However, there are also explanations related to natural phenomena such as ball lightning. Andrew explains that when the energy released by geological effects comes into contact with certain conditions in the atmosphere, it can create bright lights in the clouds.

He said: “It could also be a natural phenomenon like ball lightning, which is lightning created in a ball that looks like a light floating in the middle of nowhere.

“There’s also pre-indicators of earthquakes, such as a geological effects that release electromagnetic energy into the atmosphere.

“When the energy comes up from a fault line and comes into contact with certain conditions in the atmosphere it creates lights in clouds, and all of a sudden lights in clouds are floating.”

He went on to claim that part of the issue behind UFO hunting is that there is “so much” going on above us in the sky that we “don’t know” what’s man-made and what’s not.

He said: “There’s so much in the sky that they see it all the time and we don’t know what we’re looking at.

“A satellite looks pretty clear – it moves in a straight line – but the stuff that’s up there isn’t always a satellite.

“I’ve seen strange glowing orbs, like balls of light that change direction, and I have no idea what that is.

“Could it be an alien aircraft or a domestic aircraft that forgot to turn off its headlights? Maybe.”

Andrew Bustamante is a former US Air Force officer who was responsible for 200 nuclear missiles. He had the highest possible military security clearance, which is indicative of his experience and knowledge of science and technology.

While many of the objects that we think of as UFOs can be explained by natural phenomena or man-made, Andrew Bustamante argues that some of them can be related to earthquakes.

This opens up new horizons for research into ufology and earthquake sciences, and could help prevent disasters and save lives.

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