FBI Blocking Release Of Nashville Trans Shooter's Manifesto

If the Nashville shooter had been a straight constitutional conservative would the FBI be blocking the killer's manifesto, or would it be scrutinized for months on every mainstream media platform from day one?

The question is important because it illustrates the discomforting double standards in play whenever a mass murder is committed by a person on the political left (and there have been many lately).  If the manifesto outlines ideologically motivated intent then the actions of Audrey Hale, a biological woman identifying as male, could be labeled a terrorist act.  However, if the manifesto stays locked away from the public then there will always be suspicions but never any confirmation.  Certain political groups and activist groups benefit greatly from the suppression of Hale's motives.

Rep. Tim Burchett, (R-Tenn.) told The New York Post he knew the FBI was behind the delay of the manifesto's release, saying the news was “disappointing."     

Twenty journals, five laptops, a suicide note and various other notes written by Hale were seized from the house she shared with her parents as well as two memoirs, five Covenant School yearbooks and seven cellphones, according to a search warrant.

Metro Nashville Council Member Courtney Johnston states that the FBI has ruled out releasing the manifesto anytime soon.

“What I was told is, her manifesto was a blueprint on total destruction, and it was so detailed at the level of what she had planned...that document in the wrong person’s hands would be astronomically dangerous...” 

She added: “I personally don’t want to know the depths to which her psychosis reached…When I’m told by an MNPD high-ranking official that it keeps him up at night, I’m going to defer to that person in that agency that I don’t need to read that.”

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Director David Rausch described the writings he had seen during a meeting with the Tennessee Sheriffs’ Association, saying: “The documents that we have, and I have viewed those, you know, one is specifically a plan and the other is some journal-type rantings.”

Was Audrey Hale a criminal mastermind?  It's highly unlikely given she was taken down by police within moments of the officers arriving on scene.  It is more probable that the FBI is following orders from political leadership to hide any documents that might embarrass Democrats, who are now closely aligned with trans activist groups and social justice organizations.  Democrats have effectively shifted the debate on the Nashville shooting over to gun control and trans rights, and have avoided discussing the potential ideological causes of the attack.  

Would such documents inspire further violence from the political left on a scale similar to what happened at Covenant School?  It's hard to say, but it doesn't seem as though activists need much encouragement these days.  The first and most obvious conclusion one can draw from the FBI's refusal to make Hale's writings public is that they are incredibly damaging to the trans movement, a class of people now protected by government officials and the corporate establishment.  

In other words, a message is being sent by federal agencies, the White House and others that if you are a trans person and you commit mass murder, you will enjoy special treatment.  The consequences of such a message are obvious. 

(Article by Tyler Durden republished from Zerohedge.com)

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