Ecuadorian President Urges Citizens To Buy Guns: ‘Armed People Cannot Be Enslaved by the Elites’

Ecuadorian President Urges Citizens To Buy Guns: Armed People Cannot Be Enslaved by the Elites

President Guillermo Lasso has urged millions of Ecuadorians to arm themselves as soon as possible in order to defend themselves against the tyrannical elites who want to enslave them.

“We have a common enemy!” Lasso declared, as his administration authorized all civilians in the country to carry and use firearms to protect themselves against tyranny.

“We’ve modified the decree that allows the possession and carrying of guns,” he said. “In other words, in general terms … the possession and carrying of guns for civilian use in personal defense is authorized, in accordance with the requirements of law and regulations.” reports: Per a report by Uruguayan outlet MercoPress, Lasso initially declared a state of emergency “in the provinces of Santa Elena (west), Los Ríos (center), and in Zone 8, which includes the cities of Guayaquil, Durán, and Samborondón in the coastal province of Guayas (southwest).” AWR Hawkins noted that the  “impacted cities and provinces were placed under a 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. curfew.”

On top of the curfew and the measure to allow for civilians to be armed, Lasso announced that his government is launching a “crusade for security,” which involved locating and arresting “15 high-value targets” who are suspected to be connected to the heads of criminal gangs.

Ever since former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro implemented pro-gun reforms in Brazil during his presidency (2018-2022), Latin America appears to be gradually embracing the concept of lawful gun ownership as a tool to battle crime. Hopefully, this momentum can continue because Latin America is a crime-infested region that desperately needs some form of check against criminal activity given how incompetent law enforcement is in that region.

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