Communist California has mandated unlimited electricity “basic service” at fixed monthly rates for consumers – will end in a grid down disaster

Communist California has mandated unlimited electricity “basic service” at fixed monthly rates for consumers – will end in a grid down disaster

The communist state of California has mandated fixed monthly “basic service” rates that offer unlimited electricity to consumers, creating a compelling incentive for people to carry out large-scale cryptocurrency mining in their homes at artificially low costs, which will absolutely collapse the power grid.

The fixed rate power arrangement has already been made law, and it means that power companies are forced to offer consumers unlimited kilowatt hours at zero incremental cost for their basic electricity service (see details of the announcement below).

As reports:

Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric, and San Diego Gas & Electric submitted a joint proposal to the state’s Public Utilities Commission last week that outlines the new rate structure. It follows last year’s passage of Assembly Bill 205 which requires a fixed rate and generally simpler power bills.

Under the new plan, you’ll pay just $20 / month if you earn less than $69,000 a year. That’s the monthly fee for those served by Edison, with slightly higher fees for PG&E and SDG&E.

If you earn up to $180,000 per year, you’ll pay $51 a month as a flat fee, no matter how much electricity you use.

Above $180,000 in annual income will get you an $85 / month flat fee for unlimited electricity usage.

Most of your electricity bill stays the same no matter how much energy you consume

How do we know for sure this applies to unlimited electricity usage? SDG&E actually brags about this in one of their press releases about the program, declaring: (emphasis added)

Under the SDG&E plan, customers would pay a fixed price that covers most of the utility’s energy delivery service that would not change month-to-month regardless of how much electricity is consumed.

Unlimited electricity consumption, in other words, at the same fixed monthly cost.

Confusingly, the SDG&E press release then says that some “portion” of a customer’s bill will vary if they use clean energy such as natural gas, wind and solar. This seems contradictory, almost as if the electric company is saying that clean energy will cost you more if you use it, but dirty energy will be free and unlimited. (Leave it to delusional left-wing bureaucrats and communists to come up with such a structure that will disincentivize energy conservation, thereby causing more people to use more energy that burns more fossil fuel resources such as coal.)

The press release even brags about how this would provide “immediate financial relief” to families, since they won’t be fully paying for the actual amount of electricity they’re using. This entire program is being peddled as a kind of electricity welfare program to bring down everyone’s power bills. It’s no surprise this is happening in a state run by lunatics who practice magical thinking such as believing that a biological man can become a woman. They also apparently believe electricity is created by magical kilowatt fairies or amperage-farting unicorns that feed the power grid for free.

With this program, the state just obliterated any incentive for people to conserve electricity, since it’s going to become an all-you-can-eat kilowatt buffet for most of a person’s power bill. Even worse, it’s obviously going to bankrupt the power companies and require the California government to either heavily subsidize them or even take them over, creating state-run power companies that function exactly as you might expect they would: Disastrously.

California residents and businesses should prepare for rolling blackouts and infrastructure collapse once this program kicks in around July of 2024.

The State of California will be subsidizing electricity costs to make EVs appear affordable

Part of the goal in all this is to make electric vehicles appear to be more affordable by artificially lowering the cost to charge them. Effectively, it means the state of California will be confiscating money from productive citizens to pay power companies to artificially lower rates so that lower income can afford to charge EVs.

As the raw cost of power generation increases, California will increasingly subsidize such costs to make it appear to residents that power usage is affordable. This is exactly the kind of program that happens under collapsing third world economies where the tyrannical regimes in power try to prevent uprisings and revolts by subsidizing the basic costs of living for lower income people.

California says it’s going to become “carbon neutral” by 2024, which would cause the actual, real-world costs of electricity to skyrocket. The state is going to hide that cost from consumers through subsidizing the power companies and pretending that clean energy is also extremely affordable.

But like so much else in California, it’s all based on delusional thinking that cannot be sustained in the real world. California Dreamin’, in other words.

We predict this “unlimited use” electricity experiment will end in catastrophic collapse, followed by chaos and despair.

Get the full details in today’s Brighteon Broadcast News video:

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