Canada has its own RESTRICT Act called Bill C-11 that “is simply the Trudeau liberals’ takeover of the internet,” warns leading pro-life group

Canada has its own RESTRICT Act called Bill C-11 that “is simply the Trudeau liberals’ takeover of the internet,” warns leading pro-life group

As Americans face the looming prospect of losing their free speech rights with the possible passage of the RESTRICT (Restricting the Emergence of Security Threats that Risk Information and Communications Technology) Act, Canadians face a similar threat from Bill C-11, also known as “An Act to Amend the Broadcasting Act and to Make Related and Consequential Amendments to other Acts.”

Last Thursday, House of Commons MPs (Members of Parliament) voted 173-145 on a “closure motion” to end all debate on proposed Senate amendments to Bill C-11, which pro-life group Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) president Jeff Gunnarson described as “the Trudeau liberals’ takeover of the internet.”

“The bill allows the government to determine what Canadians see online,” Gunnarson revealed both in comments to LifeSiteNews and in a press release issued last week.

Later that same day after the closure motion was passed, MPs passed another motion in a 212-117 vote that aims to adopt the bill as law without agreeing to any of the amendments previously made by the Senate.

Should Bill C-11 become law, “freedom of speech and the free exchange of ideas within Canada are under attack like never before,” Gunnarson further warned.

“Canadians will soon only see what the government wants them to see online,” he added.

Canadians who support justice for the unborn, protection for the elderly and disabled, and the defense of marriage to lose their internet access under Bill C-11

If Bill C-11 passes, the Canadian government is likely to restrict all talk online about abortion, euthanasia, marriage, and other hot-button issues that are systematically being pushed as far left as possible in the political realm.

CLC and other pro-family groups warn that anyone who seeks “justice for the preborn, the protection of the elderly and disabled, and the defense of marriage” will end up being “excluded from the Canadian internet with the passage of this bill.”

Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) leader Pierre Poilievre tried to stop the Liberal motion to end all debate on Bill C-11, noting on Twitter in a video he posted that Liberal “censorship” is alive and well in Canada.

Last month, Canada’s Senate sent back Trudeau’s internet censorship bill to the House of Commons with amendments, which as aforementioned most MPs are wanting to ignore in their mad rush to see Bill C-11 passed as quickly as possible.

The amendments in question would have excluded user content on social media from the provisions, as well as from any regulatory administration by the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission).

Now, C-11 will go back to the Upper Chamber where senators will either accept it as is without these amendments, or try once again with changes to pass a modified version of the bill.

“Normally, once the Senate passes a bill, it will be given Royal Assent and become law,” reports LifeSiteNews‘ Anthony Murdoch. “However, procedure dictates that for a bill to become law the text passed by both the Senate and House of Commons must be exactly the same.”

“Since the Senate had made multiple amendments to Bill C-11, which the House has now rejected, the Senate can either relent and allow the House to have its way, or stand its ground and re-demand the House accept the changes it made to the legislation.”

Amazingly, tech giants Apple and Google, both of which are notoriously anti-free speech in other ways, are opposed to the passage of Bill C-11.

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