BREAKING: Biden and Mayorkas announce closure of human trafficking camps in Darien Gap following bombshell videos exposing mass human suffering, violence and rapes

Biden and Mayorkas announce closure of human trafficking camps in Darien Gap following Brighteon

In response to the bombshell video reports on the Darien Gap camps exclusively brought to you by war correspondent Michael Yon, , and — three sites the Biden regime ordered banned from Big Tech — acting proxy president Joe Biden has been forced to issue a public statement ordering the closure of these camps.

As reports:

President Joe Biden’s border chief is shutting down the deadly Darien Gap jungle trail in Panama he built for migrants in 2021 — just as a huge wave of northbound migrants is now overwhelming his border management plans.

The shutdown news was delivered on April 11 in a Trilateral Joint Statement issued by Panama, Columbia, and border chief Alejandro Mayorkas.

Over the last several days, extraordinarily courageous work by Michael Yon has brought to the world the truth about how the United Nations and United States fund and operate human trafficking camps in the Darien Gap region of Panama, gathering migrants from around the world (China, Haiti, Middle East, Venezuela, Europe, etc.) to be shuttled across the U.S. border as illegal immigrants in a coordinated, government-funded operation to occupy and nullify the United States of America.

See new videos below, including a shocking visual tour of a new camp in the Darien Gap region.

It is our opinion that border chief Alejandro Mayorkas should be arrested and charged with committing treason against the United States of America. And he is only shutting down these camps because the independent media —,,, etc. — was able to get this story out to the America people despite all the illegal censorship and oppression carried out against the alt media by the Biden regime and complicit tech giants that have all been infiltrated by the CIA and FBI.

The US government used taxpayer money to fund this human trafficking highway from the very start. It was Mayorkas and Biden who set up the camps in 2021 to try to flood the US border with illegals. As Breitbart explains:

The document did not explain the price that Biden’s pro-migration border chief paid to the two countries for their cooperation. That price is likely an agreement to let some of their citizens take Americans’ jobs in the United States.

Media reports show that many more migrants — including many Venezuelans and Haitians — are gathering at the Texas border so they can rush across once Biden lifts the Title 42 border barrier on May 11. Most of those migrants crossed the Darien gap earlier this year.

Innocent people are tricked into taking this dangerous, often deadly journey to the United States

As Michael Yon and I exposed this week via numerous videos and interviews such as this one — including on, and — innocent families are tricked by the United States (Biden and Mayorkas) into using the Darien Gap as a human trafficking channel to flood the U.S. border with illegals. Those innocent families are told they will be given amnesty in the United States, so they put their lives on the lines, often facing extreme violence, routine rapes of young women, injuries, illness and death.

Here’s a photo of a woman at the Darien Gap who was given one of the many “rape kits” by the United Nations, as they know the vast majority of young women are raped and robbed as they make their way along this treacherous journey.

Biden and Mayorkas announce closure of human trafficking camps in Darien Gap following Brighteon

In today’s bombshell video, revealing yet another horrific camp named Lajas Blancas, Michael Yon picks up a map that’s distributed to the migrants, giving them the exact steps and pathways to make it to the US border as illegal aliens:

Biden and Mayorkas announce closure of human trafficking camps in Darien Gap following Brighteon

This particular map was simply picked up off the dirt ground, having been tossed there by one of the camp inhabitants:

Biden and Mayorkas announce closure of human trafficking camps in Darien Gap following Brighteon

Watch my interview of Emily and her family — Venezuelan refugees fleeing tyranny — who are stuck at this camp with no way out:

Michael Yon and his local friends give us a full tour of this camp, Lajas Blancas, in the following mind-blowing (and heartbreaking) video:

Stay tuned to and for more coverage of the globalist effort to overrun the United States and the mass human suffering and exploitation that is being deliberately encourage in order to achieve that goal.

We must stop illegal immigration and have an orderly, safe and lawful immigration process that rejects criminals and exercises discernment on which families and individuals we allow into the United States of America. We welcome legal immigrants who share our values, who value hard work, who are law-abiding citizens and who are serious about contributing to a better society. But we must reject this human trafficking approach to mass illegal migration that exploits families and children to achieve (left-wing) political aims — the replacement of Americans with illegals who tend to be more socialist and left-wing in their own beliefs.

Biden and Mayorkas were forced to shut down these camps because we embarrassed them by exposing the human cost of their heartless, lawless exploitation schemes. Now, we must continue to expose more crimes of the globalists and the cabal while protecting America’s borders, culture and values.

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