Big Pharma wants livestock animals to be injected with mRNA, but Missouri, North Dakota, Idaho, Tennessee and Arizona are proposing legislation to stop it

The threat of mRNA-tainted meat derived from animals given mRNA “vaccines” getting into the food supply is now so serious that at least five states are proposing legislation to ban it or at least require mandatory labeling so consumers know what they are purchasing and eating.

Missouri was the first to break headlines on this front with the introduction of House Bill 1169, followed by similar bills filed in North Dakota, Tennessee, Arizona, and Idaho.

In Idaho, House Bill 154 would make it a misdemeanor offense for anyone to provide or administer a vaccine containing mRNA technology “for use in an individual or any other mammal in this state.” In other words, mRNA tainted meat would become illegal in Idaho in the event that House Bill 154 is passed and signed into law.

Arizona House Bill 2762 would require conspicuous labeling of all aquatic, livestock, or poultry products derived from animals given mRNA jabs. HB 2762 would also prohibit any mRNA-tainted food product from being labeled organic.

Tennessee House Bill 0099 would amend an existing law to prohibit the manufacture or sale of livestock or meat that contains mRNA “vaccine or vaccine materials” without a prominent label that consumers can clearly and easily read.

(Related: Researchers from MIT found that the RNA portion of these vaccines does, in fact, absorb through the stomach and intestines.)

Will more states join these five in introducing legislation to ban or restrict mRNA vaccines and mRNA-tainted meat?

North Dakota legislators have proposed Senate Bill 2384, which like Idaho’s House Bill 154 would make it illegal to use an mRNA vaccine in humans, as well as introduce a penalty for anyone who violates the law in this regard.

Then there is HB 1169 in Missouri, which was introduced by Republican state Rep. Holly Jones, which would require all livestock meat containing “potential gene therapy products” to be labeled as such.

“We label everything around the world,” Jones said about her bill. “We label non-GMO. We label GMO. We label grass-fed. We label no antibiotics used. We label manufactured in a plant that has nuts.”

“We should label anything that has not been proven safe and effective. As we’ve seen with the covid vaccines, they’re neither safe nor effective. Even the CDC has come out with that.”

The hope is that many more states will join these five in taking a stand against mRNA contamination of the food supply. If We the People do not stand up to say enough is enough, then the poisons will continue to be unleashed into the food supply, destroying public health.

“When the mRNA was first mentioned in 2020 it raised red flags for me,” one commenter wrote. “I may not have finished college with a degree in the medical field, but it raised my awareness and thus I have never received the jab.”

“Many of those I know have gotten sick more than once and some of them elderly! It’s a gene therapy and has no place in our food supply, period.”

Another wrote that the quiet introduction of mRNA into the food supply unlabeled, as Big Pharma appears to be doing, is another form of murder much like the mRNA “vaccines” that were unleashed under Operation Warp Speed.

“If you eat the meat injected, you will become infected,” wrote another.

“It is time to find the head of each snake and cut the head off either literally or figuratively and at the same time announce to all the treasonous politicians that we don’t appreciate being murdered,” suggested another.

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