A Strange Saga of the Men in Black, the FBI, and a UFO That Was Transparent!

A Strange Saga of the Men in Black, the FBI, and a UFO That Was Transparent!

Although the FBI has declassified into the public domain thousands of pages on the Contactee movement of the 1950s and later, they have released just one document pertaining to the alien abduction issue. It dates from 1967 and tells – albeit briefly – what sounds like a classic abduction experience. Notably, the FBI shared the data and the document with an agency whose name has been deliberately blacked out in the relevant papers. The specific date is January 18, 1967 and is captioned as follows: “Unidentified Flying Object Allegedly Sighting [sic], January 17, 1967. It reads thus: At 4:10 a.m., January 18, 1967, [deleted] advised that he desired to report that he had observed a large oblong-shaped object which alighted in the street in front of him when he was on his way home from his television repair shop, the [deleted], Chesapeake, Virginia. He believes that he was taken into this craft which he recalls as being made of a glass-like substance and being transparent. It was manned by several individuals who appeared to be undersized creatures similar to members of the human race, probably not more than 4 feet tall. They were allegedly wearing regular trouser pants and T-shirts. [deleted] believes that he was transported by this craft for an undetermined distance and returned to his point of take-off approximately one hour later." The FBI document continues below:

[Deleted] spoke in a coherent manner although he appeared to be under certain emotional strain. He claimed he had not been drinking any intoxicants but he was unable to account for the time between 8:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. he stated he was telephoning from his workshop but had no recollection of being elsewhere between 8:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m."  While the reference to the aliens allegedly wearing “regular” clothing is admittedly strange, there is no denying the fact that the experience closely mirrors those of so many others. There was, for example, the fact that the aliens were “not more than 4 feet tall,” which strongly suggests the man’s captors were of the Grey alien kind. And, that the victim “was unable to account for the time between 8:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m.” is prime evidence of the phenomenon of missing time. It’s also worth noting that in 1975, when he was abducted from the heart of Arizona’s Sitgreaves National Forest, logger Travis Walton described how, at one point, the walls of the craft onto which he was taken were temporarily made transparent – to the extent that he could see the stars surrounding the UFO as it soared across the skies. This issue of the transparency of the craft sounds not unlike the description in the FBI report. Recall that the FBI stated the witness “believes that he was taken into this craft which he recalls as being made of a glass-like substance and being transparent.” 

What all of this tells us is that even though the report is brief in nature and content, it demonstrates that in all probability the witness had a genuine, alien abduction experience – one which became the subject of an FBI report and which was shared with another, unknown agency. There is one other issue, too, that needs highlighting. In fact, it’s the most significant part of the story. I briefly mentioned this case years ago. Its title was “Government Files on Alien Abductees?” As so often happens when I write online articles, people contact me to share their stories. One of those who wanted to provide input on this particular affair was none other than the granddaughter of the TV repairman. For reasons that will soon become apparent, I have given the source an alias, that of “Jennifer.” Jennifer first contacted me, via a Facebook message, around ten months after the article was published. As she explained, she was in two minds about whether or not to share what she knew, out of fear that there might be some kind of retaliation. I asked from whom. Jennifer replied: “The government.” This was, to say the least, intriguing.

Jennifer said that within her close-knit family, the events of that January 1967 encounter were well-known, even though they kept the tale pretty much to themselves. In the wake of what went down, her grandfather and grandmother had developed a deep interest in the UFO phenomenon and built up a large library of books on the topic. Jennifer too had developed a fascination for UFOs, and particularly so the abduction phenomenon. This is hardly surprising, given her grandfather’s encounter. When she read one of my articles, Jennifer was utterly amazed to see that the FBI’s record on the encounter was now in the public domain. In fact, the document was declassified in 1977, but had not had any real, meaningful publicity until I mentioned it. I asked for some proof that Jennifer was indeed who she claimed to be – namely, the granddaughter of the man in question. As luck would have it, in July 2016 – when Jennifer surfaced – she was living in San Diego, California. She still lives there. One month later, in August 2016, I was due to speak for several West Coast UFO groups, including the Orange County, California-based chapter of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). So, it was the perfect time to meet, which is precisely what we did.

Jennifer drove up from San Diego and, over drinks in the Orange County hotel in which I was staying, the whole story came out. She had the foresight to bring evidence of who she was – and of who her grandfather was, too, including a few old, black-and-white photos of him standing proudly and smiling outside of his Chesapeake TV repair shop. She was who she claimed to be; that was a very good sign. Then, we got down to business. To say the experience was revealing would be an understatement. Alison said that the only response from the FBI was a single phone call to her grandfather, informing him that they would be forwarding the report to another agency – in the event that they might be interested in the story. It was a cordial conversation, and which lasted just a few minutes. Four days later, there was a knock at the door. It was a pair of men in military uniforms. They identified themselves as working for U.S. Air Force Intelligence – as was confirmed by their ID cards. Although Alison’s grandfather was a bit perturbed to see a pair of military personnel on his doorstep, he invited them in. There followed an in-depth question-and-answer session which lasted for more than an hour.

It was clear, Jennifer said, that the two men had deep knowledge of the alien abduction phenomenon. They wanted to know more about the missing time which had been reported. They were particularly interested in – and concerned about – the no less than eight hours of time which could not be accounted for. The pair wanted to know if, in the period between reporting to the FBI what had happened and the time of their visit, Jennifer’s grandfather had any unusual dreams: nightmares of being taken on-board a UFO and subjected to strange medical experiments. While some might consider this to be a case leading the witness, Jennifer’s grandfather said that, yes, he did have two odd dreams – one of him “floating” out of bed, as Jennifer worded it, and taken to a small, round room which was brightly lit and that was filled with an odor of burning metal. He had vague memories of seeing three, small creatures ushering him to what looked like a gurney. Then, nothing. As for the other dream, it was of a nuclear explosion – a massive detonation which left Washington, D.C. in ruins and millions dead and dying. The issue of apocalyptic dreams in relation to the alien abduction phenomenon is intriguing.

Jennifer’s grandfather was asked if he would be willing to undergo a thorough medical examination at a military hospital, which he declined. The two men did not push the issue when he replied in the negative. The pair then turned their attentions to the “glass”-like nature of the UFO. This, said Jennifer, was an area that the men seemed particularly interested in. Her grandfather came straight to the point: the UFO was solid, but had the ability to become transparent, which sounds just like what abductee Travis Walton described in 1975; a man we’ll come to later. The glass-like reference, the military men were told, was to how the walls would briefly change from being solid and white in color to completely see-through. There were a few other curious questions, such as (a) had anyone else in the family experienced anything similar? And (b) did the witness feel threatened by the encounter? The answers were “no” to the first question and “yes” to the second. With that, the men stood up, thanked Jennifer’s grandfather for his time and cooperation and requested that he not talk of their visit. Their parting words were to the effect of: “If we have any more questions, can we speak to you again?” Jennifer’s grandfather said he would be pleased to speak with them at any time. No follow-up visit ever came, however. At least, not a normal visit. The most sinister saga of the story was still to come.

Roughly four or five days after the two men from Air Force Intelligence came calling, Jennifer’s grandfather found himself watched by someone else. Nothing less than a definitive Man in Black. Whenever the likes of the MIB are brought up, it inevitably provokes imagery of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. This is hardly surprising, as the three Men in Black movies were phenomenally successful. It’s important to note, however, that the real MIB are nothing like their movie counterparts. In the films, the MIB work for a government agency that answers to no-one. The genuine MIB – on which the movie versions were based – are very different. They are pale-skinned, cadaverous creatures with large, hypnotic eyes and who typically wear old-style fedora hats and black suits. They have the ability to control peoples’ minds, to hypnotize them, and even to cause physical sickness and illness – as if the witnesses to the MIB have somehow been supernaturally infected. In other words, the MIB of the real world are far more like Gothic vampires than they are the agents of government. This has given rise to the possibility that the MIB may well be human-alien hybrids, of a type similar to those described in David Jacobs’ 2015 book, Walking Among Us. All of this brings us back to Jennifer.

Jennifer told me that on three occasions, her grandfather was followed along the Chesapeake streets by a very tall and thin man dressed in a black suit and a black trench coat – this would have been in early February 1967, a few weeks after the encounter which caught the attention of both the FBI and the Air Force. On one occasion, the MIB shadowed him to his local pool-joint, where he hung out with his buddies on a Friday night. On another occasion, the Man in Black suddenly appeared in the TV repair shop which Jennifer’s grandfather owned. The MIB approached the counter, offered nothing but a terrifying, insane grin, turned around and left the store. Jennifer said her grandfather was too shocked and traumatized to do anything but stand there, frozen to the spot. The third and final time the MIB appeared was equally disturbing. As a keen fisherman, Jennifer’s grandfather often spent time on the banks of a nearby river. Three days after the encounter in the store, the MIB suddenly appeared – as if out of nowhere – on the other side of the river, staring malevolently. And, then, suddenly, he vanished – as in literally vanished. Gone. Dematerialized. 

That was more than enough and was the primary reason why the family had chosen not to say anything – at least, not until I highlighted the FBI document in an article. It just goes to show how some of the most amazing stories surface under such unlikely circumstances. And, of course, it raises another question: how many other abductees – just like Jennifer’s grandfather – have chosen not to share the details of their traumatic abduction encounters, after being silenced by the mysterious Men in Black? 

(Article by Nick Redfern republished from mysteriousuniverse.org)

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