These three things should never be demanded from men

These three things should never be demanded from men

How not to act so as not to spoil the mood of neither yourself nor him - read below from the material

Spoil a relationship with a man can excessive demands and nagging. Of course, you should not be a submissive sheep, but some things from your partner to require just unacceptable.

Learn what not to do, so as not to spoil the mood of either yourself or him - read the article below from Styler.

He shouldn't hold you to your demands.

Sure, you may be happy for a man to take on the role of the breadwinner so you can devote more time to yourself.

But you shouldn't demand this, especially when your relationship hasn't been legitimized yet or you don't share a household. But the main thing here - the initiative must come from the man. Remember that they do not like the pressure.

He can't help but look at other women.

It's a man's nature to look at skirts. Let him work up an appetite and he'll be happy to come home for dinner.

And prohibitions of this kind can not only humiliate the male in a man, but also make that same "fruit" is especially sweet.

Instead, you can evaluate with him an attractive girl. This will show your partner that your self-esteem is fine.

He doesn't have to like your relatives.

You may think that if a man is yours, he has to accept and love the people related to you.

If he tolerates them, visits with you, and silently listens to your daddy's stories about his youth, that's already an achievement for you. You have no right to demand sincere affection from your relatives.

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