These things are strictly forbidden to keep in a purse: the money won't be there

These things are strictly forbidden to keep in a purse: the money won't be there

Some things in a purse can scare money away

Some things are strictly forbidden to keep in a purse, because they can scare away money. Why it is necessary to be more attentive to the contents of the storage of banknotes and bank cards - in the Styler article.

What you shouldn't keep in your wallet

Photos of relatives

Bioenergists believe that money loves attention, so it should be at the first place in your wallet. And photos should be kept in albums.

Store receipts

You can't keep symbols of your spending next to bills and bank cards. Money doesn't tolerate that.

Cash cards, business cards, and tickets

Last year's movie tickets, unwanted business cards, and wrappers may evoke emotion and fond memories, but not next to your money. Specialists advise to get rid of all unnecessary things, or to have a separate organizer for these little things.

Your wallet does not tolerate emptiness

Emptiness is not the best thing for your wallet. Even if you're broke, there should be at least one bill in your wallet.

Show Money Respect

Money in your wallet not only likes attention to itself, but also order. Crumpled papers, jumbled bills of different denominations - to the outflow of money from your assets.

Fold correctly

Cash should be stacked on one side and sorted by denomination, from large to small. Putting a 50 next to a 10 is not a good idea. In addition, you may mix up your banknotes when counting.

Don't bend banknotes

Banknotes should not be bent in half, rolled or crumpled. Money should be kept flat and straight. A careless and disrespectful attitude towards banknotes will only scare them away from you.

The right way to fold money

It is necessary to fold the bills face outward, and the back inward, otherwise, according to the principle, the money will "run away" from you.

How to attract money in a purse

Money can not be kept on a "starvation ration. According to some beliefs, a piece of dried black bread will definitely attract your luck. In Eastern countries, carry a piece of cinnamon or some beans in your wallet.

It also matters the color of the wallet: the ideal colors are black, brown, red, yellow, gray and gold. But the cool shades of green and blue are associated with water, which means that the money can easily "run away" from your purse.

And finally, let's remind you that you should not keep in your wallet the pin codes for your bank cards, passwords for various applications, especially those related to your money. It's also not advisable to keep all your bank cards together because if your wallet is stolen or lost, you will lose all of your sources of money at once.

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