Nashville Police Respond Professionally to Active Shooter

The Nashville police carried out a heroic response to the school shooting situation on Monday morning at Covenant Christian School.

If not for their quick and decisive action, many more children and adults would likely have been murdered by the crazed trans killer.

I am posting the body cam video from two of the Nashville Metro Police officers who entered the Covenant Christian School to confront and kill an active shooter for the benefit of our international readers. I applaud the Nashville Chief of Police for releasing this video. It captures the urgency, the chaos and ultimately the professionalism of the officers. Most police do not spend a lot of time training for Close Quarter Battle and learning how to clear rooms of possible threats.

What a contrast with the goat rope of Uvalde, Texas, where police lingered in school hallways and did nothing to stop the murder of children until it was too late. The Nashville Police did not wait for the SWAT team to arrive (note, SWAT is the acronym for Special Weapons And Tactics). In this kind of situation adrenaline takes over and it is easy for even trained professionals to make mistakes, such as keeping a finger on a trigger and negligently discharging the firearm or inadvertently pointing the muzzle of their gun at one of their fellow officers.

When the Nashville Police trainers watch this I see some areas that they will work on with their personnel. For example, at the 3:22 mark you will see the officer carrying his rifle on the right side of his body. When he comes to a corner and needs to turn right he should have shifted the rifle to his left shoulder. Learning this technique allows him to minimize exposing his body to the threat.

Nashville Police Respond Professionally to Active Shooter

Looks like the trainers also will want to spend some time teaching their officers how to go up stairs in a high threat situation. There are some better tactics to use that will minimize the chance that an officer ascending a flight of stairs could be ambushed from above. Let me reiterate, I am not Monday morning quarterbacking. These officers did a fantastic job and I doubt most of them had any recent training in carrying out this kind of tactical assault.

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By Larry Johnson

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