Court blocks Biden’s covid jab mandate for U.S. government workers

Court blocks Biden’s covid jab mandate for U.S. government workers

More good news has emerged from the United States legal system, which shot down fake president Joe Biden’s order that all federal employees get “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

The Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans rejected argument from Biden that as the nation’s alleged chief executive, he holds the same authority as the CEO of a private corporation to mandate that all of his “employees” get injected for the Fauci Flu.

It says a lot about the mindset of Biden and his puppet masters that they feel as though they own the American people like cattle, and can force them to take drug needles on demand any time there is a perceived public health threat, either real or fake (in this case fake).

The ruling from the full appeals court, which included all 16 full-time judges at the time when the case was argued, reversed an earlier ruling by just three judges from the Fifth Circuit that sided with Biden’s jab requirement.

Judge Andrew Oldham, who was nominated to the court by President Donald Trump, wrote the opinion for the 10-member majority that sided with We the People over the fake president and his jab demands.

(Related: In late 2021, the Oklahoma National Guard rejected Biden’s jab mandate, prompting the Pentagon to issue a threat about retaliation.)

Biden regime says covid “emergency” will officially end on May 11, 2023

In his ruling, Oldman upheld the preliminary injunction blocking Biden’s mandate, which was issued by a federal judge back in January 2022. At the time, the Biden regime claimed that nearly 98 percent of covered federal employees had already been injected.

With the preliminary injunction arguments now concluded, Oldman said the case will now return to that same court for further arguments. When that happens, “both sides will have to grapple with the White House’s announcement that the covid emergency will finally end on May 11, 2023.”

Those in opposition to Biden’s mandate argued that it encroaches on their rights and lives in direct violation to the U.S. Constitution.

It all began in September 2021 when the Pedophile-in-Chief issued an executive order demanding that all executive branch employees, with the exception of those claiming medical or religious exemptions, roll up their sleeves for an experimental Big Pharma injection. That EO kicked in the following month in November.

The following January, U.S. District Judge Jeffrey Brown, appointed to the District Court for the Southern District of Texas, also by Trump, issued a nationwide injunction against the mandate, which then sent the case to the Fifth Circuit.

One panel of three Fifth Circuit judges refused to immediately block the law. A different panel, after hearing arguments, upheld Biden’s claims and position.

“Judges Carl Stewart and James Dennis, both nominated to the court by President Bill Clinton, were in the majority,” AP News reported. “Judge Rhesa Barksdale, nominated by President George H.W. Bush, dissented, saying the relief the challengers sought does not fall under the Civil Service Reform Act cited by the administration.”

The broader court majority agreed with Barksdale, stating that federal law does not preclude court jurisdiction over cases involving “private, irreversible medical decisions made in consultation with private medical professionals outside the federal workplace.”

Following this, a majority of the full court voted to vacate the ruling and reconsider the case. Ten voted against Biden’s mandate while six voted for it. Writing for the dissenting opinion, Judge Stephen Higginson, appointed by Barack Hussein Obama, argued that Biden does, in fact, have the power to make medical decisions on behalf of his “employees.”

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