Asian Voters Abandoning Woke Democrats As Crime Rises In Cities

Asian Voters Abandoning Woke Democrats As Crime Rises In Cities
You might have heard the recent story of a CNN news crew that had their car broken into while they were filming a segment on crime in San Francisco, CA.  While the irony of this is amusing to many of us, one group of people that is not laughing is Asian-Americans in the Bay Area who are growing weary of the overall damage done by leftist social justice policies.  That CNN crew was, in fact, shooting a story on the very issue of Asian voters who say they are moving away from progressive Democratic leadership and seeking out more moderate candidates, as well as Republican candidates.

The reasons for this shift are many. 

  • First, it has long been the assumption among leftist elitists that they own American minorities as a voting block and that "only whites" are conservative.  The arrogance of this thinking aside, Democrats often find themselves confounded by the percentage of minorities that are in fact moderate or conservative in their voting habits.  While many minorities might feel compelled by social pressure and propaganda to vote Democrat, the damage that is hitting their pocket books and making their streets unsafe cannot be hidden forever. 

  • Second, while leftists often claim that anti-Asian hate crimes are caused by "racist white conservatives", a cursory glance at video footage and the prosecution records of the majority of the perpetrators of these attacks shows this is not the case.  In New York City in 2020 during the onset of the media hype on anti-Asian hate, only 2 out of 20 people arrested in connection with Asian attacks were white.   

  • Third, it has been social justice politics in places like San Francisco that have encouraged police defunding efforts while enabling criminals.  When the worst elements of society see leftist organizations like BLM and Antifa rioting in the streets and setting neighborhoods ablaze while being applauded by city politicians, they tend to feel empowered to act on their darkest impulses. 

In every single metropolis where woke politicians take control, the city starts to collapse.  From LA to New York, from San Francisco to Austin, from Portland to Seattle, the results are always the same, and now it's not just conservatives pointing out the root problem.

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