Anti-Cop Group Sued By LAPD For Posting 9,300 Photos Of Officers With Bounties

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How's this for a new low in the annals of "defund the police" lunacy?

Three Los Angeles police officers are suing the owner of, accusing him of publishing their photos on his website and putting out a “bounty” on them.

It is the first legal action stemming from the Los Angeles Police Department’s release of the names and photos of almost every sworn officer — more than 9,300 officers, including some who work undercover — as part of a public records request. A police watchdog group posted the images online last Friday.

Here is what the Los Angeles Times meant when it put those sarcastic quote marks on the word "bounty":

In a tweet mentioned in the lawsuit, Steven Sutcliffe, who posts under the handle @KillerCop1984, allegedly wrote, “Remember, #Rewards are double all year for #detectives and #female cops.” The tweet included an image of a monetary reward for killing an LAPD officer, the lawsuit says.

According to the suit, a later tweet allegedly included a link to a database of officer photos, along with the caption, “Clean head-shots on these #LAPD officers. A to Z.”

That sounds like a bounty to me, but of course, the Los Angeles Times thinks differently. Would they use the word "bounty" in quote marks if the target were Los Angeles Times reporters?

Anti-Cop Group Sued By LAPD For Posting 9,300 Photos Of Officers With Bounties

The radical left-wing lunatic who did this has protested that his grotesque doxxings, threats, and bounties -- intensified against women, no less, suggesting some impressive women-hate in those quarters -- was all a matter of free speech, all a matter of his protected First Amendment rights.

Sorry, pal, issuing threats and bounties is not protected speech. It appears a judge thought otherwise, as the website is now down and hopefully gagged forever.

The whole specter is repulsive, given that cops must deal with the dregs of humanity on a continuous basis as well as the snipings of left wing anti-police activists and all of them would like to know where the last cop who arrested them and sent them to the can lives. The criminals would love to collect bounties, of course, too, making one wonder just how many of those corporate Black Lives Matter millions went to groups like this one to pay bounties.

Many of the criminals in Los Angeles are affiliated with Mexico's cartels or actually in the cartels or other organized crime groups and would love to copy that database. I have friends in the Los Angeles Police Department who have told me they have run into actual cartel members while on the beat in places like Compton and Sun City, saying the air is almost literally different around these dangerous people, like the smell of death around them. Cartels are smart enough and evil enough to maintain an interest in all the names, faces, badge numbers, station postings and other personal identifying information of LAPD officers such as were posted by this malevolent freak.

So the implications of this story, which involved the publishing of the names of dozens if not hundreds of undercover officers or even just beat cops, are incredible. It magnifies the danger these police officers protecting the public are in, as well as the danger to their families, and will likely result in cops retiring at their desks, or cops acting a lot more jumpy in dangerous situations.

Perhaps the bigger issue is who the hell released all of that information "by mistake" based on a public records request, including the names and faces of the undercover officers. To say it was a "mistake" is frankly hard to believe given the reluctance of government agencies to release any information including the information they are required to release. Someone needs to get fired immediately on that one, and probably investigated for other leaks, as well as prosecuted for violations. The LAPD says it is "investigating."

It actually sounds like the LAPD, which is loaded with wokester leadership -- recall that they banned the "Blue Lives Matter" flag in Los Angeles police stations after just one complaint from a defund-the-police fanatic -- might just be infiltrated at some administrative levels by defund-the-police activists. Someone gets hired with access to sensitive police records, he releases those records to his political allies on the pretext of a public records request, and next thing you know, every last police officer is exposed to significant danger from the world's foulest criminals.

It shows that the defund-the-police movement isn't really just about defunding the police, it's about killing the police. The goal is to get rid of the police, and now we are seeing on full display the leftist slogan: "by any means necessary."

If this doesn't result in some arrests, there aren't going to be any police officers protecting Los Angeles. This needs to end in some arrests. Quickly.

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