Watch: Thieves Drive Through Mall In Stolen Black Audi After Robbing Electronics Store

It was like a scene out of Blues Brothers last week when thieves drove a car through the Vaughan Mills mall location about 25 miles northeast of Toronto, Ontario. 

Police are calling it "an audacious crime," according to New Market Today. The vehicle drove through the front doors of the mall and proceeded to drive to an electronics store that was robbed. Then, when the suspects were done, they drove the car right back out of the mall. 

York Regional Police Sgt. Clint Whitney said last Wednesday, at a press conference about the incident: "Fortunately, nobody was harmed in this incident. Nonetheless, it's an audacious crime and remarkable."

And hey - if you're going to drive through a mall to rob it - why not do it in style? The suspects were driving a stolen black Audi A4 with Quebec license plates, the report says. 

After making their way to the electronics store, the suspects "stole various devices before driving through the mall and smashing through another door to get out". Damage to the mall and too the electronics store was "extensive". 

Despite video surveillance inside the mall, there is "no clear description" of the suspects. Police say the vehicle "is a 2011 black Audi A4 sedan with Quebec license plate X10 SNP. It has a distinct decal at the top of the windshield that reads Ladies on Wheels but Whitney said since it is a stolen vehicle that does not say anything about the suspects."

"You want out of this parking lot? OK"

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