The hunt is on for a 'crashed alien spacecraft that hit Earth and is now at the bottom of the ocean'

The hunt is on for a 'crashed alien spacecraft that hit Earth and is now at the bottom of the ocean'

The search for a "crashed alien spacecraft" has begun off the coast of Australia.

Astrophysicist Avi Loeb is certain that a meteor that crashed in 2014 came from outside our solar system and carried ET technology.

The 1.9 million pound operation to recover the "UFO", which is submerged in the Pacific Ocean, has been fully funded.

According to NASA, the meteor traveled through the sky near Papua New Guinea at a speed of more than 100,000 miles per hour before colliding with Earth near Manus Island.

The US space agency said the meteor, which was about 1.5 feet wide, was "certainly an interstellar object".

Loeb said: "Our discovery of an interstellar meteor opens a new frontier of research.

"The fundamental question is whether an interstellar meteor might have a composition that is clearly artificial in origin.

Even better, could certain technological elements survive the impact?

Using a magnet, Loeb plans to retrieve the "artificial" object from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean to study it.

He believes that retrieving it would allow him to fulfill a long-held desire to possess alien technology.

The question is whether it's just a unique rock or perhaps a spaceship from another civilization, he added, noting that the substance is harder than iron.

"I've been able to get full funding for this expedition... and we're going to scoop the ocean floor and find out the composition of the object.

"My dream is to push a few buttons on a functional piece of equipment made off Earth."


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