President Ronald Reagan Feels Burden of Knowing Aliens Exist, Sept 1983 United Nations Speech

President Ronald Reagan Feels Burden of Knowing Aliens Exist, Sept 1983 United Nations Speech

Below is a video of U.S. President Reagan speaking at three different events, and in each one...he tries to get the truth out...that aliens exist. He really tried hard to inform the public, even though he knew it was against national security to do so. 

On September 16, 1983, US President Ronald Reagan gave a memorable speech to the United Nations. In it, he subtly suggests that aliens exist and that all of humanity could be lost if they decide to attack. 

President Reagan states: Perhaps we need an external, universal threat to make us realize this common bond. I sometimes think how quickly our global differences would disappear if we were faced with an alien threat from outside this world. 

Of course, President Reagan had inside information from the CIA and NASA and was told that aliens did exist. But he couldn't just come out and say it without breaking national security rules. So instead...he subtly hinted to the rest of the world leaders what he had learned from the CIA and NASA. He also knows that a small percentage of the other presidents at the United Nations meeting also knew about the existence of aliens. He even hints at one other president...he talked to General Secretary Gorbachov...who later became President of Russia. 

Now thinking about world peace is nice...but I feel that President Reagan felt a weight on his shoulders...a burden of carrying this knowledge of the existence of aliens. Remember it was the 1980's and the technology then was very inferior to today's technological wonders. It must have been very frightening for him to know that aliens existed, but to have so few people to sit down with and talk openly about it. 

Watch the video below and see. He is trying to tell the world the truth...that aliens exist.

  • Date of the speeches: September 16, 1983
  • Place of speech: United Nations

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