Oakland Bicyclists Targeted By 'Dooring' Attacks Leave Two Hospitalized

Several bicyclists in the San Francisco Bay Area's East Bay have reported being the targets of a group of drivers who are pulling up beside them and quickly opening their doors in an attempt to hit the riders.

Oakland Bicyclists Targeted By 'Dooring' Attacks Leave Two Hospitalized

The so-called "dooring" incidents have left two riders seriously injured, according to members of the East Bay Bike Party, who say incidents occurred last Thursday through Saturday in Oakland, Berkeley and Emeryville.

At least 14 people have been targeted and eight were actually hit, the cyclists said.

In two incidents, the suspects swerved directly into the bicyclist as opposed to using their doors.

According to KTVU, Oakland PD is investigating a Friday night collision in which a cyclist was involved in a crash.

In another instance, bicyclist Ellie Mead suffered a serious head injury, but was told by police to "call back later" when she tried to open a case.

Oakland Bicyclists Targeted By 'Dooring' Attacks Leave Two Hospitalized
Ellie Mead

As KTVU further reports:

Around this time, other bikers said they were targeted. One was on Shafter Avenue traveling northeast approaching Hudson Street and was also hit by a car door; by 5366 Shafter Ave. The victim did not suffer any physical injuries, but his bike was damaged. 

"They bent his rim, but some amazing Samaritans gave us a loaner, so we could still ride. Don't have more details, unfortunately. Sad this happened to so many people," said a biker.

Many of the victims on Saturday night were in the Rockridge and Shafter neighborhoods and were on their way to the EB Bike Party at Rockridge BART.

"This is very scary. It’s criminal. I mean the people doing it should really think about the consequences here," said Watson Ladd. "They pulled ahead after the roundabout. As they passed they opened their door smacking me in the shoulder and just drove off."

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