”It Could Have Been a Vaccine…” – UFC Fighter Damon Jackson Reveals His Brother Dies Suddenly Following Receiving COVID Shot (VIDEO)

”It Could Have Been a Vaccine…” – UFC Fighter Damon Jackson Reveals His Brother Dies Suddenly Following Receiving COVID Shot (VIDEO)

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 145-pounder Damon Jackson is still searching for answers for his brother’s sudden death.

Damon lost his brother, Bradly (37), in September 2022, a few days before competing at UFC Fight Night 210.

After his brother Bradley passed away, the former Legacy Fighting Championship titleholder changed his moniker from “The Leech” to “Action,” as a tribute to his brother.

“Right before my last fight, my brother passed away, and that was his football nickname. So they would call him Bradley “Action” Jackson, so they would just call him that on the intercom every time he would make a tackle and stuff,” said Damon during an interview with Tudor Leonte of Sherdog.com.

“I just thought it’d be cool to keep him around with the nickname. I made the switch, and it sounds good. I like it. I’m going to stick with it from here on,” he continued.

When questioned more about the circumstances behind Bradley’s passing, Damon says they are still looking for answers.

He revealed that his brother was vaccinated two weeks before his sudden passing. He believed the vaccine might have been a factor in his brother’s death.

“We still really don’t know. He wasn’t answering calls and texts, so we went over to check on him, and we found him in his house. It didn’t make a lot of sense yet.”

“We did try to figure it out. It could have been a vaccine, it could have been medication, it could have been a handful of things. There’s no present, like, apparent reason why it happened. It was just out of nowhere. He was 37 years old, so just doesn’t make a lot of sense,” he added.

“He was vaccinated just shortly before that, about two weeks before, but I don’t want to get into conspiracies and all that kind of stuff. Nothing adds up. So we’re trying to figure out some answers, but we don’t have any answers so far,” he continued.

Watch the interview below:

(Article by Jim Hoft republished from TheGatewayPundit)

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