DIOXINS GALORE: How to BLOCK toxic chemical exposure fallout in the food, water and air

DIOXINS GALORE: How to BLOCK toxic chemical exposure fallout in the food, water and air

Over the weekend, we posted a powerful, practical video that teaches people how to grow their own anti-dioxin medicine at home, using nothing more than a sprouting jar.

It turns out that Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C), which is naturally synthesized by cruciferous vegetables, is a powerful dioxin detoxification molecule backed by substantial science. We will be publishing a more detailed list of “dioxin detox” foods, superfoods and nutrients this week. In the mean time, people can start to grow their own I3C supplements at home by sprouting broccoli seeds.

The following video discusses this in detail:

Here’s my how-to video on sprouting your own natural medicines and superfood molecules at home, for mere pennies per dose. It’s simple, easy and an excellent investment in your health:


Dioxin toxins will inundate the US food supply for years to come

In today’s podcast, I cover the sad truth about the Norfolk Southern train catastrophe: They set fire to vinyl chloride, which produced dioxins that then fell on the land, rivers, streams, animals, homes and crops.

This is why animals are dying. It’s also why some people are coughing up blood and feeling strange tingling sensations on their skin. As the UK Daily Mail reports:

Toxic cloud left Ohio family coughing up blood and forced them to flee their newly purchased home as creek water turned blue and wildlife disappeared after chemical train disaster

…[C]hemical lab technician Kelly revealed: ‘We had red and gray squirrels through this property, constantly chitter chattering to each other. It was pretty loud.

‘And now there are none. They’ve gone completely because of the toxicity all around them right here.

‘There’s no small birds either. They were everywhere, but they’ve taken off. That must tell you something.’

The couple, who live outside the mandatory evacuation zone that was designated ‘danger of death’, were forced to leave their home nonetheless the weekend after the Friday derailment when they started feeling violently sick.

‘Within 24 hours we had burning noses, burning lips, chest congestion, sore throats and headaches, big, big headaches,’ said Kelly, 45.

‘My German Shepherd dog Diesel kept throwing up and was lethargic.’

Energy industry worker Nathan, 29, said: ‘The thick cloud was billowing right over our house for the two days we stayed.

‘The day after the derailment I started having symptoms, almost like Covid symptoms, like someone was pushing down on my chest. I had very strong pressure.

‘Throughout the day it started getting severe. I had a very bad cough, very bad feeling in my lungs and throat. And the following day it got worse.

‘I had burning on my lips, nose, and eyes and a severe cough.’

City of Cincinnati cuts off Ohio River water supply as contaminated water approaches

The city of Cincinnati has just cut off its municipal water intake feed from the Ohio River, citing an “abundance of caution” as contaminated water approaches the intake juncture.

Notably, Cincinnati isn’t testing the water for dioxins, and they claim their other tests — for totally different chemicals — show no alarming results. This is their “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy in action: If you don’t test for dioxins, you’ll never detect them.

In today’s podcast, I cover all this and more in great detail:

– Asbury revival reveals the power of God and truth
– As the world turns to chaos, more people turn to God
– What looks like chaos can quickly transform into order and law
– What a Rubik’s cube taught me about transformation
– Announcement of #dioxin testing in our food science lab
– Cincinnati cuts off drinking water from Ohio River
– Why food and farms for thousands of square miles may be contaminated for decades
– How to grow your own anti-dioxin protection medicine at home
– Pipe bomb discovered on railroad in Philadelphia
– How globalists use false flag terrorism to corral humans into obedient behavior
– The nuclear power plant scene from The Truman Show
– George Soros calls for global weather control / #geoengineering to block the sun
– CDC issues new guidance for #dioxin exposure that’s 1,000 times higher than previous levels
– Vitamin E counters the oxidative effects of cheap seed and vegetable oils that promote inflammation, obesity and rapid aging

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(Article by Mike Adams republished from Citizens.news )

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