Cartel now in complete control of Arizona state government, Kari Lake warns

Cartel now in complete control of Arizona state government, Kari Lake warns

Former Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has warned that the state of Arizona is now completely controlled by the cartel.

“It’s so corrupt right now. They have taken our government from We the People. Now, we literally have the cartel completely controlling our state,” she told Steve Bannon during a recent appearance on “Bannon’s War Room.”

“We have this stolen election because we didn’t do anything after 2020. We allowed another steal.”

Lake also remarked that the Democratic Party and the cartel could not get someone like her in the state capital in Phoenix even though she had won in a landslide. According to mainstream media reports, the former news anchor “lost” the November 2022 gubernatorial race against Katie Hobbs.

“I’m too dangerous to their plan. I throw a wrench in their plan. We’ll shut down illegal activity at the border,” she told Bannon.

According to Lake, she was sick of weak politicians and governors acting like nothing could be done for the Grand Canyon State and that help from Washington was needed. “Arizona is a sovereign state and politicians need to do their job to protect Arizonans.”

She noted that Arizonans are already tired of the Grand Canyon State being used as a pipeline for trafficking fentanyl, women and children across the border.

Bannon: Lake has clear advantage in Senate race for AZ

Lake responded in the negative when asked by Bannon if she had met and talked to Sen. John Thune (R-SD). Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), however, campaigned for her.

“She loves our policy,” Lake said. “She loved that we were going to be tough on the border, we were going to start bringing back trade skilled training into our high school so our kids were prepared for jobs and [we were bringing] safety back to our streets.”

Bannon remarked that if Lake runs for the U.S. Senate, she would get 40 to 45 percent of the votes. Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) would only get 25 percent, while incumbent Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ) would only get a measly 15 percent.

The gubernatorial candidate pointed out that Gallego would rather have someone like Sinema as a challenger instead of one that wants to put Arizona first and protect Arizonans. The Democratic congressman is not in favor of border security, even dubbing former Gov. Doug Ducey’s use of shipping containers to seal border wall gaps as a “publicity stunt.”

Bannon, meanwhile, blasted Sinema’s “woke” stance on social policies. Lake agreed with his observation, pointing out that despite her independent alignment, Sinema’s voting record is incredibly liberal. The Arizona senator even called herself a socialist at one point.

Lake ultimately remarked that if the elections weren’t rigged and she won as governor, Arizona would have the strongest border policy in the entire country and it would be put into action on her first day.

“That’s why they said: ‘Holy crap, we got to steal this election. We cannot let that woman … become governor of Arizona. At any cost, we have to stop her.”

Watch Kari Lake’s interview with Steve Bannon on “Bannon’s War Room” below.

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