Two more studies confirm: mRNA-jabbed people have highest risk of getting covid

Two more studies confirm: mRNA-jabbed people have highest risk of getting covid

Researchers out of Ohio and Indiana have released two new studies showing that covid “vaccines” render a person more, not less, prone to infection.

If you get jabbed for covid, you are at least twice as likely to get sick and test “positive” for the disease than if you had simply left your natural immune system alone to do its job the way God intended for things to work.

The more jabs you get, the studies further found, the even greater your risk is of getting sick. For instance, if you get “boosted” once for a total of three injections (if you took the mRNA route), your risk of illness is greater than if you just got the first two injections.

If you get a second “boost,” then your risk rises even further. Basically, the more shots you get, the more likely you are to get sick and die.

“For people who have been vaccinated – especially those who have received a third or fourth shot – the papers will make for disturbing reading,” reports Alex Berenson. “They suggest vaccinated people may have few good options to protect themselves from infection should a more virulent variant of Omicron emerge.”

The science is clear: covid jabs kill

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also published a study recently that similarly exposes the jabs as a medical farce.

Getting injected, the agency found, often leads to blood clotting, which in turn often leads to death. So instead of saving lives as claimed, these injections are ending people’s lives at an astounding rate.

And just like with the two studies out of Ohio and Indiana, the FDA study found that the more jabs a person takes, the exponentially greater the risk that he or she will suffer deadly blood clots.

“This was regularly reported by independent media ‘conspiracy theorists’ and dismissed out of hand as ‘crazy’ by the administration and corporate owned media,” one commenter wrote about these revelations.

“Regular folks did not listen to them because of it. Even though these ‘theorists’ had leaked internal documents showing that these problems were not only predicted but expected, before the first jabs came out. The FDA knew this would happen, and covered it up.”

Another responded that the media handles the matter in this atrocious way because it is controlled by the “deep state,” much like how the state-owned Pravda media outlet was the organ of the former USSR’s communist party.

“Pravda was closed when Yeltsin banned the Communist Party after their coup attempt in 1991,” this person added. “Unfortunately, America has not had statesmen of his fortitude.”

Another joked that he is really glad he believed the “conspiracy theories” about the shots from the very beginning because it “prevented myocarditis” from forming inside his body, since he never got injected in the first place.

“Had social media not BANNED and CENSORED the truth that was being shared over two years ago about the jabs, millions might likely have heeded the warnings and ‘panic’ would not be the current issue of the day,” wrote someone else. “Crimes against humanity … nothing less.”

To that, yet another wrote that there is a bright side to all this: because of the rampant censorship taking place, it was more obvious to those with skepticism that something was amiss, which resulted in more folks rejecting the death jab out of concern that the medical establishment was engaged in a massive coverup.

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