Raw and Reel: Religious leaders are silent about porn because they also access it

Raw and Reel: Religious leaders are silent about porn because they also access it
Real-life sisters Michelle and Leah Svensson and Tania Joy and Tara Gibson dug deeper into pornography during a recent episode of “Raw and Reel.” According to them, religious leaders don’t want to talk openly about pornography because they also access it.

The Svenssons, also known as Resistance Chicks, cited a recent statement by an expert: “Pornography drives sexual violence, infidelity, body dysmorphia, sexual dysfunction, child sex abuse, sex trafficking and more. There are zero positives. Eradicating porn would immediately improve society.”

Tania Joy, one of the Gibson sisters, talked about how her first husband became so addicted to porn. It led him to have an affair with another woman while Tania Joy was pregnant and ultimately broke their marriage.

“It was back in the days when the internet was dial-up and people could not contact our home phone because he was using the computer,” she recalled. “Later, he admitted he was browsing the internet and watching porn.” Her first husband was active in church, but could not get out of his bad habit.

Tania Joy then met another man from the church, who was very compassionate about what she went through at first. But in the end, that man exposed her to pornography even further.

“This area of pornography is just sexual sin. The world has no problem with it. They don’t care. But the church, I’d say 95 to 99 percent is exactly the same way. They close the door so they can get away with it,” she said.

Parenting can make or break children’s view of sexuality

All four women agreed that their views on sexuality were influenced by how their parents handled their marriages.

The younger Gibson, Tara, said she was 12 years old when she learned about her father’s affair. “My parents were having an argument and I would always stand up and try to defend my dad. My mom didn’t want to hear her daughter try to defend this man who really hurt her. And out of her anger, she just blurted out my dad’s infidelity,” she said.

“We had to work through that for many years growing up, and I know from that moment that I really changed how I viewed men. I was very hesitant and didn’t think that I could trust anyone.” According to her up to his day, at 42 years old, she still feels awkward when around men.

Tara advised the audience to be very watchful of their kids and to have very open communication especially when it comes to the topic of sex.

According to Leah, most kids today are exposed to pornography by the age of 13. She added that 84 percent of males and 57 percent of females aged 14 to 18 have already viewed porn.

“One out of every eight porn titles shown to first-time users on porn site home pages describes acts of sexual violence and at least one in three porn videos shows sexual violence or aggression,” she said, citing an article. “Fifty-three percent of boys and 39 percent of girls believe that pornography is a realistic depiction of sex.”

She added that research found people who consume porn tend to become less satisfied in their relationships, less committed to their partner and more accepting of cheating. Studies involving current and former porn performers also suggest that exploitation and trafficking are common experiences in the porn industry.

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Catch the full episode “Raw and Reel” with the Resistance Chicks and Gibson Girls below.

(Article by Belle Carter republished from Citizens.news )

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