Pope Francis Declares ‘Bible Is Wrong’ and ‘Homosexuality Is Not a Sin’

Pope Francis Declares ‘Bible Is Wrong’ and ‘Homosexuality Is Not a Sin’

Pope Francis has criticized laws against homosexuality as “unjust” in an interview with the Associated Press, declaring that the Holy Bible is wrong in condemning gay sex as a “sin.”

According to Pope Francis, God has changed his mind and does not consider homosexual sexual relations to be sinful.

The new edict is in contradiction with Bible passages that condemn homosexual sex as sinful, including Leviticus 18:22 which states “You shall not lie with a man as with a woman; it is an abomination.”

Pope Francis Declares ‘Bible Is Wrong’ and ‘Homosexuality Is Not a Sin’

Francis, who has previously called for a one-world government, called on Catholic bishops to welcome LGBTQI+ activists into the Church.

“Being homosexual is not a crime,” Francis said during an interview Tuesday with The Associated Press. Francis while acknowledging that Catholic bishops in some parts of the world support laws that criminalize homosexuality or discriminate against the LGBTQ community and call homosexuality a “sin.”

However, the pope attributed those attitudes to cultural contexts and said that bishops in particular must also go through a process of change to recognize the “dignity” of homosexual relations.

It’s far from the first time Pope Francis has attempted to re-write holy scripture.

Pope Francis was photographed wearing a robe featuring “boy lover” pedophile symbols, as identified by the FBI, at celebrations for World Youth Day in 2019.

Pope Francis Declares ‘Bible Is Wrong’ and ‘Homosexuality Is Not a Sin’

Pope Francis’ inverted version of Christianity is confusing for many, however the picture becomes clear when you understand who the pontiff is really serving. To quote French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, Pope Francis is a “globalist bulldog” who is loyal to the New World Order.

In 2017, Pope Francis called for a “one world government” and “political authority”, arguing that the creation of the one world government is needed to combat issues such as “climate change.” Speaking with Ecuador’s El Universo newspaper, the Pope said that the United Nations does not have enough power and must be granted full governmental control “for the good of humanity.”

Disturbingly, world religious leaders are also beginning to come together as one to preach from the same hymn sheet, instructing their sheep to accept the components of the New World Order’s one world government. WATCH:

(Article by Baxter Dmitry republished from NewsPunch.com)

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