GREED PARADE: Moderna plans to sell COVID-19 vaccine for up to $130 per dose – more than 8 times its initial price of $15.25 per dose

GREED PARADE: Moderna plans to sell COVID-19 vaccine for up to $130 per dose – more than 8 times its initial price of $15.25 per dose

Big Pharma companies are now looking to charge a heftier price tag on the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) shots when it shifts from government contracting to commercial distribution.

Moderna’s Chief Executive Officer Stephane Bancel told the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on Monday, Jan. 9, that it is considering raising the price of the coronavirus injections from $110 to $130 per dose. The cost range is similar to Pfizer’s new price suggestion as the government’s current purchase program expires.

“I would think this type of pricing is consistent with the value,” he said, adding that the firm is in discussion with hospital systems, pharmacies and pharmacy-benefit managers to line up the distribution of its vaccine ahead of a potential fall booster shot campaign.

Moderna previously estimated commercial price expectations at $64 to $100 per shot.

Back in 2020, then-President Donald Trump’s administration bought two bulk orders totaling 200 million vaccine doses from Moderna at a total cost of $3.2 billion. The initial August 2020 deal guaranteed an advance market for 100 million doses at a price of $15.25 per dose. In December of that year, the second purchase was priced at about $16.67 per dose.

In 2021, the Biden administration bought an additional 300 million doses of the Moderna vaccine at a higher price. In February of that year, the federal government paid Moderna $1.75 billion for 100 million doses. Four months later, the pharma firm secured another $3.3 billion deal for 200 million doses.

In the latest vaccine deal in July 2022, Biden paid $1.74 billion for 66 million doses of their bivalent vaccine booster, or about $26.36 per shot.

Moderna’s revenues were recorded at $803 million in 2020, $18.5 billion in 2021 and $18.4 billion in 2022 in vaccine sales alone. Bancel’s “change-in-control” package also soared from $9.4 million to $922.5 million.

Sanders slams Moderna for its “unacceptable corporate greed”

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont blasted Moderna for its planned vaccine price increase, saying that it amounts to “unacceptable corporate greed.” He sent a letter to Moderna, asking the vaccine manufacturer to halt any planned price hike.

“You propose to make the vaccine unaffordable for the residents of this country who made the production of the vaccine possible,” he wrote. “In the midst of a continuing public health crisis and a growing federal deficit, is not the time for Moderna to be quadrupling the price of this vaccine. Now is not the time for unacceptable corporate greed.”

Sanders, who will soon chair the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, said the company’s decision to charge up to $130 a dose once the shots move to the commercial marketplace is “outrageous” and will cost taxpayers billions of dollars.

He added that he finds the decision particularly offensive given the fact that the vaccine was jointly developed in partnership with scientists from the National Institutes of Health, a U.S. government agency that is funded by U.S. taxpayers, emphasizing that the government invested $1.7 billion into the company for vaccine research and development

The Hill reported that vaccines will still be free to people with private insurance once the public health emergency ends and the federal supply of vaccines runs out, but the cost will likely be reflected in premiums.

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Watch the video below that talks about Pfizer jacking its price to $110 per dose.

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