Dr. Bryan Ardis says compound from licorice root may stop hyperclotting caused by venom peptides

Dr. Bryan Ardis says compound from licorice root may stop hyperclotting caused by venom peptides

Chiropractor Dr. Bryan Ardis revealed a possible solution to hyperclotting caused by exposure to venom peptides – glycyrrhizin, a plant compound extracted from the roots of the licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) plant.

Ardis shared this to Daniel Kristos of the “Ba’al Busters” podcast and the Health Ranger Mike Adams. He noted that back in May 2020, French researchers found that glycyrrhizin along with low doses of venom antiserum addressed blood clots caused by yarara (Bothrops jararaca) venom. Also called jararaca, B. jararaca is a highly venomous species of pit viper endemic to South America.

The researchers also referenced a 2006 study published in the British Medical Journal stating that glycyrrhizin “inhibited the human fibrinogen clotting and platelet aggregation induced by the jararaca venom in vitro.”

Adams lauded Ardis’s discovery and added that glycyrrhizin, when combined with alcohol, was also found to protect the liver from damage caused by the painkiller acetaminophen. “It is liver-protective, which makes total sense about what you’re talking about because a lot of the snake venoms destroy liver cells,” said the Natural News and Brighteon.com founder.

Aside from glycyrrhizin, the Texas-based chiropractor revealed that a drug patented and owned by Bayer called suramin can also serve as an antidote to blood clotting caused by venom peptides. “We don’t really have access to [suramin] in America. Only the heads of the federal government have access to this drug,” he remarked.

A 2007 study found that suramin effectively prevented venom-induced clot formation both in vivo and in vitro. Studies done in 1992 and 2004 also revealed the drug’s ability to inhibit several proteins linked to blood clotting. Moreover, suramin’s ability to interfere with the pharmacological effects of snake venom were also mentioned by other scientific papers.

Ardis added that in some cases, suramin acts on specific molecules from krait venom. “What was the original source of COVID-19? The Chinese researcher said it was venom from the krait called bungarotoxin,” he said.

Ardis: Scientists seek to manufacture venom peptides synthetically

Adams pointed out that since the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) injections are administered in small amounts, he believes the mRNA instructions are telling the body to manufacture toxins in larger quantities over time. Ardis agreed, emphasizing that the future of medicine is genetic engineering.

“They are, in scientific laboratories around the world and universities, doing what’s called genetic engineering to instruct other microorganisms and mammal cells to manufacture venom peptide synthetically,” he explained.

“But whatever is being pumped out by mammal cells over time slowly – because mammal cells do it slower than most. And we weren’t designed to make venom, but they have figured out how to instruct us to do it. The body is being instructed to make these proteins, preventing blood clots from being able to be broken down and being resistant to anticoagulant drug therapy.”

According to a November 2018 article published by the World Economic Forum, there are already six drugs derived from venom that the Food and Drug Administration approved for use. “Because it’s so fast acting, so potent and highly specific to its target, venom has all of the ingredients necessary for making a drug,” said venom specialist Dr. Mande Holford.

Ardis, Adams and Kristos also discussed how laboratories can employ their technologies to verify the link between the mRNA injections and venom peptides. The Natural News founder, however, said that most of these laboratories “won’t want to touch this topic with a 10-foot pole.”

“[It’s] really sad when you think about it,” lamented Kristos. “We’re talking about human lives that are being lost – children, adults, grandparents, mothers and fathers – while people are tiptoeing around the subject and trying to avoid having to be involved in it.

Watch the full “Ba’al Busters” podcast episode featuring Daniel Kristos, Dr. Bryan Ardis and Mike Adams below.

(Article by Belle Carter republished from Citizens.news)

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