Rachel Levine Calls For Tech Companies To Control "Misinformation" On Gender Affirming Care

Rachel Levine Calls For Tech Companies To Control "Misinformation" On Gender Affirming Care

Biden's trans Assistant Secretary for Health and honorary four-star admiral, Rachel Levine (formerly known as Richard Levine) has called for Big Tech companies to control "misinformation" on gender affirmation care (hormone treatments and sex change surgeries).  This is yet another example of open attempts by government officials to demand tech conglomerates and social media websites enforce the establishment narrative while censoring anyone who disagrees.  

Recent Twitter File data dumps indicate extensive collusion between government agencies like the FBI and social media in an attempt to silence dissent on hotly debated topics from the existence of the Hunter Biden laptop to the draconian covid pandemic response.  In most cases, the government has sought to silence facts and evidence and label accurate arguments as "misinformation."  Another issue which leftist officials seem to obsess over is the trans identity movement.

Representatives claim to engage in activism in the name of civil rights, but trans people have the same exact rights and legal protections as anyone else in the US and equality is already a fact of life for them.  Instead, their goals are more akin to special treatment and extraordinary privileges well beyond the rights enshrined in the US Constitution or the law.  It is hard to think of any other group in the western world that gets more attention and protection from government and corporations than trans people.  In essence, they demand the power to control people's speech, language and thoughts in the name of insulating trans people's feelings and mental health. 

Rachel Levine's comments on "misinformation" are clearly in response to the massive push-back coming from the public when it comes to the numerous oversteps by the trans community and the government. 

The establishment has recently lost control of the narrative and they are seeking to get it back.

Specifically, a large number of Americans are fighting against the imposition of trans ideology on children and the use of hormone therapies and gender based surgeries on kids.

In the past five years there has been an accelerated expansion of trans related policies applied within public institutions, especially when it comes to public schools.

Keep in mind that trans people (or people claiming to be trans) only represented 0.39% of the population in 2016.  Only six years later around 1.9% of the general population and a suspicious 5% of teens identifying as trans. 

One could argue that such a jump defies scientific and statistical logic and can only be explained by the growing pervasiveness of trans ideology in schools and media.  In other words, it is likely that many people identify as trans today because they want to join an artificially created trend, or, they want to get a piece of the pie when it comes to special treatment.

Studies involving gender reassignment or hormone therapy often conclude that patients experience a notable decline in depression or need for mental health services afterwards.  But, after peer review these conclusions change, indicating that there is no significant advantages to gender affirmation care.  The media runs with the initial story, and then never reports on the retractions.

People like Levine assert that the science is all but settled and any contrary information is "dangerous" to the public. 

What Levine calls an "onslaught" is merely the natural correction of false information being pumped out by the government and the corporate media. 

Science should never become political, and when it does it is no longer science - It is cultism.  This goes for climate change, covid vaccines and gender affirmation treatments. 

Science is ever evolving with theories and counter-theories.  To suppress all counter-theories and contrary evidence in support of a single narrative is anti-science. 

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