Comex: Silver is being drained from the vaults since the start of 2022

Comex: Silver is being drained from the vaults since the start of 2022

The current trends from Comex, the global derivatives market that allows trading in futures contracts of gold and silver, show that silver is being drained from the vaults since the start of the year.

New York-based precious metals dealer SchiffGold wrote on its website that the drainage since the start of the year has been nothing short of spectacular. There were 48.5M ounces left registered since January 1. This represents more than 50 percent of the balance of 82 million ounces last December 31.

There is also an indication that the inventory might be much smaller than is reported. As of December 16, only 77.6 percent of contracts standing for delivery have had their metal delivered.

“Another odd data point is the number of net new contracts after the first position. There have been some months, like last July, where net new contracts are negative throughout the month. However, while this month is still positive, it went up and then reversed back down. This means that there are cash settlements happening way late in the contract,” the SchiffGold website explained.

Due to the failing banks and cryptocurrency firms, as well as the lessons learned from the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, a lot of people are resorting to physical gold and not just future contracts. And based on the data found by Comex, inventories are much thinner than the data show.

“We have perhaps reached the bottom of metal available for delivery at current prices. This is why silver is seeing so many contracts remain unfulfilled and why we have also seen a dip in net new contracts this late in the delivery window. There is simply no metal available so it is not being delivered,” the SchiffGold website noted.

Precious metals firm sees promise in purchasing platinum in 2023

Endeavor Metals Group, a Tier 1, U.S. Mint bullion and numismatic coin dealer, recently published a blog entry lauding the virtues of purchasing platinum in the coming year. The Florida-based company’s blog entry, titled “Endeavor Metals Group Explains Why You Should Invest in Platinum in 2023,” featured a comprehensive rundown of the case for investing in platinum in the near future.

“First, platinum is rarer than gold, which means it could be more valuable in the future. Second, platinum is used in various industries, including jewelry, automotive and electronics. This diversity gives platinum a level of stability that other precious metals lack. Third, platinum is currently selling for less than gold. Analysts believe platinum’s price could increase significantly as demand for the metal rises worldwide in the coming years,” it said.

The blog entry also discussed the three major ways that interested parties can add platinum to their portfolio.

“One option is to purchase physical platinum bullion or coins. These coins are typically made of 99.95 percent pure platinum and can be bought from precious metals dealers or online retailers. Another option to consider is investing in platinum ETFs. These funds invest in Comex bars, which are not accessible to the investor. Finally, you can also invest in stocks of companies that mine or produce platinum. These companies are typically based in South Africa, Russia, or Canada. Investing in platinum mines tends to be a higher risk due to counterparty risk.”

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Watch the video below that talks about how precious metals did in the year 2022 versus crypto.

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