VAXXED ETHNIC CLEANSING: As food inflation skyrockets, Biden’s White House targets poor Blacks by offering $20 in food credits for those willing to take the depopulation jab (op-ed)


Now the White House is targeting the poor for depopulation. After causing record food inflation through money printing, food facility sabotage and the dismantling of energy infrastructure needed by farming operations, the Biden regime is now arranging for $20 in grocery retail credit for those who are willing to be injected with so-called covid “vaccines” — actually depopulation bioweapons designed to maim and kill.

Thus, the Biden White House is now targeting the poor for extermination, and this policy will disproportionately target low-income, inner city Black Americans, the same demographic group that has been targeted for extermination by Planned Parenthood abortions and eugenics programs for decades.

As the UK Daily Mail reports:

Biden’s Covid bribe: Americans who get a booster vaccine this winter will get $20 discounts on their groceries…

People who get the Omicron-specific shot at CVS, Safeway, Winn-Dixie, or Rite Aid will get up to $20 off their purchases this winter.

It comes amid a soaring inflation crisis that has driven up the price of household staples.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is recommending aged five years and upwards gets the bivalent booster.

Grocery retailers run ethnic cleansing campaigns against Blacks in America

In my view, this looks like CVS, Safeway, Winn-Dixie and Rite Aid are all pushing depopulation shots for poor Black in America, adding to the genocide that has long been pursued by Planned Parenthood, whose founder once described negroes as “human weeds” that needed to be eradicated.

Put another way, America’s top pharmaceutical retailers are carrying out a program of ethnic cleansing that targets Blacks.

On top of that, the cancer industry in America also preys on Blacks who suffer chronic vitamin D deficiencies (due to skin pigmentation that blocks UV light from the sun), making their cancers more aggressive and more profitable for the exploitative cancer industry.

Today I’ve released a bombshell interview with Kevin McGary, president of Every Black Life Matters, who demands valuing the lives of all Black Americans (and Americans of every race, creed and color), from womb to tomb. Abortion is genocide, and the real roots of racism and white supremacy are found in the Marxist philosophies of the “woke” Left, which demands segregation and teaches hatred, division and the shaming of Whites.

Listen to that bombshell interview here: teaches true racial UNITY, not division
– GLOBALISTS are the real White Supremacists
– The shocking truth about Planned Parenthood and #abortion
– Blacks are being routinely targeted for EXTERMINATION
– Anti-WOKE corporate training services
– Exposes the real root of racism and eugenics in America
– Kevin and Mike discuss global DEPOPULATION efforts targeting Blacks
– Author of book, “WOKED UP”
– Why the “woke” are the most intolerant and racist
– REAL history of the Democrat-run KKK and #slavery in America
– Global FAMINE targeting Black and Brown countries

Here’s $20 to eliminate you and your children from the human gene pool

When the covid depopulation bioweapon jab was first rolled out, the first wave of the gullible were easily bribed into taking it with promises of free hamburgers, donuts or lottery tickets. The result? There are now over 2,400 Americans dying each day from the covid jabs according to analysis from Ed Dowd, citing US insurance industry statistics and US Dept. of Labor numbers that have been made public.

That’s about 900,000 Americans who will die each year, having traded their lives for hamburgers, donuts, lottery tickets or other silly incentives for the easily fooled.

Now, the White House is upping the ante, offering $20 in grocery money for those willing to exterminate themselves with vaccine-assisted suicide. No doubt as food inflation continues to skyrocket, this incentive will be raised to $50, then $100. After all, the US government prints money from nothing, FTX-style.

At some point, the poorest Americans will only be able to afford to eat if they agree to be jabbed with depopulation weapons that cause infertility, stillbirths, spontaneous abortions and excess fatalities.

In decades past, there were efforts to pay welfare mothers $500 to have infertility drug devices implanted under their skin to achieve passive birth control. That was widely denounced as racist and demeaning. Now, via the covid plandemic, the entire establishment — Big Tech, Big Media, Big Government, Big Science — inject Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Whites and everyone else with mRNA transhumanism kill switch tech that transforms their bodies into bioweapons factories that produce toxic spike protein nanoparticles (and spread them to others). This is said to be carried out in the interests of “public health,” and anyone who opposes these depopulation injections is demonized, deplatformed and regarded as a menace to society.

Put another way, anyone who speaks out in opposition to genocide against Blacks is silenced. That’s how powerful the pro-genocide lobby has become, run by WEF globalists and their government and corporate puppets all around the world.

The eugenics movement has come a long way, it turns out. And my prediction is that humanity will lose 1-2 billion people before we put a stop to this genocide. Most of those people will be Black or Brown people, in case you’re keeping track. In the mean time, anyone who wants an extra $20 in groceries can gamble their life for a few boxes of Pop-Tarts by visiting a local CVS or Safeway, where salaried eugenicists are happy to inject you with the latest bioweapons kill shot “booster” that will exterminate people who can’t afford food.

Do you see now how food scarcity is being weaponized against humanity? By driving up the price and destroying the supply chain, the powers that be can corral the masses into a position where they will do anything to avoid starvation. Remember this powerful point, because it’s also going to be used to try to drive people into a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) system after the engineered collapse of the fiat currency debt system.

The masses will be driven to starvation, then offered a digital wallet system with universal basic income credits that they can use to buy groceries. This is how the total enslavement of the masses will be carried out, even as they are slowly being exterminated with vaccine mandates (no vaccine = no credits in your digital wallet, of course).

Learn more in today’s info-packed podcast:

– White House pushes $20 food credit for those who take the depopulation jab
– Program leverages INFLATION to achieve DEPOPULATION among the poor
– As food prices soar, more people may seek death jabs to avoid starvation
– #Trump reinstated on #Twitter while lunatic leftists lose their minds
– #1 killer of LGBTQ in America is the covid jab, not mass shootings
– LGBTQ are insanely COMPLIANT with the jab, nearly 100% took it
– mRNA injections DESTROY the immune system, leaving the promiscuous vulnerable
– Anti-vaccine blood banks being created to provide CLEAN blood transfusions
– 116,000 Americans are DEAD because of a lack of vitamin D during covid pandemic
– Big Tech’s CENSORSHIP of natural medicine champions caused untold DEATH and suffering
– Big Tech is complicit in the depopulation agenda
– #FDA now claims they never ordered anyone to avoid taking ivermectin
– FDA says their words are just “suggestions” and don’t actually mean anything
– #Tether is about to implode, say analysts; cryptocurrency in deep, deep trouble
– 25% of Americans face risk of POWER BLACKOUTS this winter
– “Mirror-like objects” found in ground beef sold at grocery stores
– Food crooks caught repackaging rotten TUNA as fresh meat
– Massive shoplifting at TARGET stores causes $600 million loss
– “Meat guards” being deployed at grocery stores as meat thefts rise


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