Tyson Foods CFO Arrested After Getting Drunk, Breaking Into Home, And Falling Asleep In Random Woman's Bed

Tyson Foods CFO John R. Tyson, son of board chairman John H. Tyson, was arrested early Sunday morning after he got drunk, broke into a random woman's home, and fell asleep in her bed, Fox16 reports.

John R. Tyson booked into the Washington County Jail.
John R. Tyson booked into the Washington County Jail. | Courtesy: Washington County Sheriff’s Office

According to a preliminary arrest report, at approximately 2:05 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 6, Tyson, 32, was found asleep in a woman’s bed at her home, located at 445 N Mock Ave. The woman called police when she arrived and found Tyson, whom she did not know.

She told dispatchers that she believes the front door was left unlocked and that is how he gained entry. Upon arrival, police located Tyson in the back bedroom with his clothes in front of the bed and identified him through his driver’s license. -Fox16

When police arrived and tried to wake Tyson up, he could not verbally respond and attempted to fall back asleep after briefly sitting up. 

According to the police report, his breath reeked of alcohol and his movements appeared 'sluggish and uncoordinated.'

He was arrested for Criminal Trespass and Public Intoxication, and booked into the Washington County Detention Center where he was released Sunday evening.

Tyson was appointed as CFO on Oct. 2, and is also an executive VP.

Could be worse, at least he didn't bite a guy's nose in a parking lot...

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