Tucker Carlson: Dems conditioning Americans to passively accept ELECTION THEFT

Tucker Carlson: Dems conditioning Americans to passively accept ELECTION THEFT

The Democratic Party is conditioning the minds of Americans to passively accept election theft, according to Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

The host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” added that this conditioning comes with the threat of civil war. He remarked that the Democrats are using their mainstream media (MSM) apparatus to help scare voters skeptical of the process.

“Democrats absolutely cannot lose the midterm elections,” he tweeted on Nov. 7, the eve of the midterm elections. “With that in mind – they’re already preparing us for election theft, which, if you don’t want a civil war, you must passively accept.”

Accompanying Carlson’s tweet was a segment on his Fox News show, in which he used the MSM’s own reporting to show their complete 180 with a myriad of serious election concerns. These MSM outlets reportedly slammed Americans who questioned the 2020 presidential elections that brought President Joe Biden to the White House. Worse, they even called for the arrest of these election skeptics.

Now, outlets like POLITICO are reporting on the massive integrity issue surrounding the voting machines and the election process itself.

POLITICO is the publication that helps control the rest of the media on behalf of the Biden administration. We were surprised to discover that … voting machines are not safe at all,” Carlson said. “Electronic voting machines, POLITICO told us, are in fact easily hacked and manipulated, which is why real countries like France have banned them and use paper ballots instead.”

The Fox News host quoted a passage from the outlet: “There are real risks that hackers could tunnel into voting equipment and other election infrastructure to try to undermine Tuesday’s vote.”

Carlson then remarked: “But things have changed. Twenty-four hours before Democrats are expected to lose in the midterm elections, POLITICO is letting you know that elections are fake – and not just because of rigged electronic voting machines, by the way. There’s an even bigger problem.”

British newspaper calls for more censorship to fight “election disinfo”

Carlson also discussed a piece by the British Guardian newspaper that a civil war looms if Americans refuse to accept the Democrats’ diktats and election rigging.

“The Guardian announced … that if we don’t eliminate freedom of speech in this country and impose more censorship to fight disinformation voters might try to opt out of the current utopia. At that point, we’ll have a civil war. Judges will be assassinated. Democrats and moderate Republicans will be jailed on bogus charges. Black churches and synagogues will be bombed. Pedestrians will be picked off by snipers in city streets,” he said.

“They printed that message. Bottom line: Democrats absolutely cannot lose tomorrow’s elections. That’s their view. This cannot happen. So, with that in mind, they’re already preparing the rest of us for election theft, which, if you don’t want a civil war you shouldn’t complain about, you should just passively accept. These are people who know they’re about to get crushed, and they’re desperate to pretend that they’re not responsible for it.”

Interestingly, these same election integrity issues the Democrats warned about played a role in some of their candidates’ victories.

The delayed tabulation of early votes in Virginia’s blue counties allowed Rep. Abigail Spanberger to retain her Congress seat. Voters in Arizona were turned away from the polls, bringing Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs to the state capital in Phoenix.

VoteFraud.news has more stories about the Democrats undermining the elections.

Steve Bannon, former White House chief strategist, explains why the Democrats are fearful of the midterm elections in the video below.

(Article by Ramon Tomey republished from Citizens.news)

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