The “first worldwide global revolution” is now underway, says financial author Bob Moriarty

The “first worldwide global revolution” is now underway, says financial author Bob Moriarty

Hedge fund manager Paul Singer, the head of Elliott Management Corporation, recently warned in mainstream financial news that a “global societal collapse” is soon on the way. And according to financial author and expert analyst Bob Moriarty, this event will lead to the “first worldwide global revolution.”

Moriarty spoke with Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, during a recent appearance on the Health Ranger Report (HRR). He unpacked why he believes that the world is just weeks or even days away from a “massive collapse.”

The globalists are making all sorts of excuses for this impending event, including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, “global warming,” and the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19). But the fact of the matter is that the financial terrorists lit the fuse a long time ago – and the collateral damage is all of us.

“They have literally destroyed the currency, and they have destroyed the world’s financial system,” Moriarty says.

Moriarty went on to suggest that Western sanctions against Russia were designed to collapse NATO, the European Union, the United States dollar, and of course the U.S. itself.

“The United States no longer produces anything,” he added. “Seventy-seven percent of the American economy is goods and services, and 20 percent of it is shuffling pieces of paper.”

You can watch the full HRR segment with Bob Moriarty below:

The American economy is like an “Indian casino,” Moriarty says

For all intents and purposes, America’s financial system is no different than a rigged casino. Moriarty actually compared it to one during the interview, calling the American economy an “Indian casino.”

He is both funny and right. America produces almost nothing of any value any more, with few exceptions. Debt is America’s most abundant “resource,” thanks to the Federal Reserve and its pump-and-dump currency inflation tactics.

This contrived U.S.-NATO war against Russia appears to be a massive diversion, of sorts, away from this truth. Every time the bust portion of the Fed’s boom-and-bust cycles emerges, there always seems to be some kind of war or societal upheaval to cover for it.

It turns out that 80 percent of the world is against the U.S.-NATO war against Russia. It is obvious to most of the planet, in other words, that the psychopaths in charge have their own agenda that runs contrary to what the people they rule over desire.

Other topics addressed by Moriarty in the interview include the energy crisis, which he says is far worse than anything European leaders are willing to publicly acknowledge. He also warned against remaining in big cities once the full banking collapse arrives.

The silver lining, though, at least in Moriarty’s view, is that all of this chaos and upheaval will lead to protests and a global revolution. He also sees a role for gold and silver in the coming financial reset – be sure to watch the above video to hear it all.

“During the collapse, entrepreneurship will be even more valuable than it is in this time of plenty,” wrote a commenter, adding to the conversation about how those wishing to survive the coming calamities might want to proceed.

“When times get hard, all commodities become more valuable.”

Another wrote that war is the way U.S. overlords “take control and put criminals in charge,” just as they have repeatedly done throughout history, “so the criminal enterprise of the U.S. can grow its share and take from corrupted governments, making them even more corrupt.”

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