John Fetterman, a brain-damaged stroke victim, “wins” Pennsylvania senate race

John Fetterman, a brain-damaged stroke victim, “wins” Pennsylvania senate race

It is official: Dr. Mehmet Oz has lost to John Fetterman, a stroke victim who suffers from brain damage and has apparent difficulty speaking and comprehending things.

The race was called by NBC News at 12:51 a.m. on November 9, followed by an affirmation from ABC News not long after that. Greg Price, a senior digital strategist at X Strategies LLC, tweeted the following upon hearing the news:

“Multiple networks have now called the PA Senate race for John Fetterman. A guy who lived off his parents until he was 50, has never had a real job, wants to release 1/3 of criminals, and lied about the nature of his stroke to the public will be the next senator from PA.”

Welcome to clown world.

Reports claim that Fetterman, a Democrat, held a solid lead in late summer. On October 25, just two weeks before the election, he participated in a lone debate with Dr. Oz.

It was apparent from that debate that Fetterman was relying on a closed captioning system to communicate. The public was given what Breitbart News described as a “sincere glimpse” into Fetterman’s post-stroke struggles.

After suffering stroke, Fetterman referred to himself as “Fetterwoman”

Prior to that debate, mail-in voting had already been taking place for quite a while. Pennsylvanians were casting their votes long before actually seeing Fetterman speak, in other words.

At one point post-injury, Fetterman was heard strangely referring to himself as “John Fetterwoman.” It was around the same time that Fetterman publicly promised to remove the filibuster and pass new abortion legislation.

“If I’m in the United States senate, I would immediately support the first campaign to support the elimination of the filibuster to make sure that we codify women’s reproductive freedom in law to make sure that even if the Supreme Court does go down that road and eliminates or revokes Roe v. Wade that we already existingly [sic] codified that into law and make sure that we can’t go back,” is one of the long, confusing run-on sentences that Fetterman was heard uttering.

Keep in mind that Fetterman has already been in Pennsylvania government as the state’s lieutenant governor. While there, Fetterman worked feverishly to reverse life sentences for serious criminals. He also promised to empty Pennsylvania prisons by one-third while promising that the state would not become any more dangerous.

The guy is far-left fringe, in other words, and yet we are supposed to believe that despite his inability to communicate effectively he beat Dr. Oz? Not so fast. According to Project Veritas, an undercover camera crew identified “illegal electioneering” taking place for at least two Democratic candidates running in Pennsylvania races.

One was Fetterman and the other is Josh Shapiro, who ran for Pennsylvania governor and reportedly “won” just like Fetterman did.

“Brain-damaged Joe Biden also got 90 million votes in 2020, didn’t he?” joked one commenter. “Democrats really seem to like politicians with damaged brains.”

“These selections are being made by the owners of the central banks using their power of the printed currency,” wrote another about who is really “voting” in American elections.

“They bribe, blackmail, influence, and kill in order to place their people in these key positions. So they control the election boards, the police, and therefore any investigations. They also control the media.”

Another wrote that the United States is “done for” and that the “Constitution is gone,” adding that the only thing left to do is “wait and see how cruel they will be to us in the future.”

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