Hypocrite globalists enjoy smorgasbord of fine foods while urging regular people to eat BUGS

Hypocrite globalists enjoy smorgasbord of fine foods while urging regular people to eat BUGS

An utter display of hypocrisy is laid out for the world to see as the globalists enjoy a variety of fine foods at the COP27 climate summit in Egypt, while pushing for regular people to eat insects.

Breitbart elaborated on the rich dishes world leaders and industry bigwigs are set to enjoy during the 12-day conference in the city of Sharm El Sheikh. These include beef medallions with mushroom sauce, chicken breast with orange gravy and salmon with creamy sauce. Delegates can also avail of bottomless cocktails for 90 minutes, the outlet added. Delivery services for single-use items such as paper cups, bottled water and wooden coffee stirrers are also available.

This did not sit well with several individuals and advocacy groups, who promptly denounced the hypocrisy. Animal rights group Animal Rebellion blasted the menu as a “slap in the face” given the ongoing food inflation and shortages. Meanwhile, a spokesperson for The Vegan Society said: “‘It’s really disappointing that such a significant climate change event as COP27 is serving up high environmental impact meat and fish sourced from another continent.

Nathan McGovern, a volunteer for Animal Rebellion, agreed with his organization’s sentiments. “These so-called leaders are swanning off to Egypt and there’s no real action going to be taken, just lots of words,” he told the Daily Mail. “This just looks like ‘Do what I say and not what I do.'”

McGovern also questioned why foods such as salmon need to be transported to North Africa. He remarked: “North Africa has some brilliant plant-based foods like falafel and couscous. Why do they need to ship in salmon from the Atlantic?”

Neil Oliver, a Scottish author and political commentator, eviscerated the COP27 participants’ dietary choices during an appearance on GB News. “They’ve come to lecture us about eating less meat while they sit down to menus featuring beef, chicken, salmon, sea bass and cream sauces,” he said. “This is not leadership that we are seeing now. It’s desperation, it’s trolling us proles on a galactic scale.”

Real food for me, but only bugs for thee

The menu at the COP27 summit was a complete 180 when compared to what the globalist United Nations (UN) and the World Economic Forum (WEF) are espousing.

According to the 2018 edition of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), “meat analogs such as imitation meat from plant products, cultured meat and insects may help in the transition to more healthy and sustainable diets.” Based in Geneva, Switzerland, the IPCC is an intergovernmental body under the UN.

The WEF, meanwhile, has pushed for meat-free diets to address “climate change.”

“Insects are a credible and efficient alternative protein source requiring fewer resources than conventional breeding,” said a July 12, 2021 article on the WEF’s website. “Insect protein has high-quality properties and can be used as an alternative source of protein throughout the food chain.”

“Insect rearing is less expensive than conventional farming in terms of CO2, water, surface area and raw materials. Moreover, raising insects allows a reduction of almost 99 percent in pollution compared to other forms of animal farming, with 80 times less methane emissions than beef.”

Another article published on July 26, 2021 also suggested several alternatives to meat, including algae, cacti, uncommon grains and processed foods.

Oliver ultimately warned: “The policies that they are preaching are condemning hundreds of millions of the world’s poorest to poverty, starvation, death on a global scale. At the same time, in their cynicism, they are ensuring that the populations of their own countries are plunged into fuel and food poverty for the first time in generations.”

Visit Globalism.news for more about the hypocrisy of the global elites.

Watch this video from the WEF that promotes insect consumption.

(Article by Ramon Tomey republished from Citizens.news)

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