Hidden Dimensions or the Theory of “Invisible Aliens”

Hidden Dimensions or the Theory of “Invisible Aliens”

It is definitely possible, and scientists are working to understand if there are hidden dimensions.

One of the new scientific theories suggests that different dimensions simultaneously exist in the same space. They are layered on top of each other, similar to how you can layer an image. We just don’t have the ability to see these dimensions… higher or lower than we perceive.

Our perception of reality – the sky, trees, grass, etc. – Looks like a photograph. Photography represents our perception of the world in three dimensions. This is all the information that our brain tells us is important.

Hidden Dimensions or the Theory of “Invisible Aliens”

But there are other “photos” that lie on top of the one we see. They are stacked on top of each other, like image layers in Photoshop. We simply can’t see other “photos” because our brains can only interpret three dimensions: length, width, and height .

The theory suggests that other dimensions can interact with each other through quantum effects, and that the universe is actually full of these parallel layers. Some dimensions can intersect with or pass through others, creating strange phenomena or even strange objects such as UFOs.

The invisible alien theory is the belief that some UFOs can be controlled using quantum mechanics. This would allow UFOs to appear and disappear while remaining in the same area.

For example, some recent discoveries in quantum physics include entangled particles, and that two separated particles can act instantly on each other at any distance. This could be proof of the existence of another dimension!

Another theory related to measurements is that the universe is a hologram . According to this theory, the universe is actually created by information – and this information is recorded in the holographic field that surrounds the three-dimensional universe.

If UFOs exist in dimensions higher than ours, they won’t have to worry about the problems of building engines that can break the speed of sound and reach the speed of light. These rules would not work if there were other rules.

According to the theory, if a UFO can change the electromagnetic field around it, it can manipulate physical reality or even disappear from it.

The ship may be in the same physical location, but instead of appearing in our reality, it may appear in another dimension. The human eye perceives only three-dimensional space, and then the UFO will be perceived as disappearing and reappearing.

UFOs may have the ability to warp gravity. This means the craft can fly on its own, without traditional propulsion systems or wings.

UFOs may have the ability to manipulate time and space. This means that the ship bends the space around it and can fly at impossible speeds, such as making a short warp jump.

UFOs may have the ability to move from one dimension to another , switching between higher and lower dimensions at will.

In general, a UFO can go anywhere, anytime.

Hidden Dimensions or the Theory of “Invisible Aliens”

And don’t forget that many witnesses of sightings and encounters with UFOs have reported that they felt as if the UFOs were somehow communicating with them. This can be done through feelings, thoughts or images .

The technology of any alien ship is so advanced that it is tantamount to comparing a computer to an ordinary abacus . People won’t even be able to understand how these technologies currently work (unless “they” decide to explain it to us), and the closest analogy would be magic!

If these theories are correct, this means that our entire universe is more or less a hologram . This means that any UFO can rewrite the information around it at will in order to navigate, travel at high speeds, and even manipulate physics.

While there is no evidence that they are capable of changing time, there are some theories that suggest that UFOs use quantum physics to travel outside of ordinary space and time.

This means that they can be in several places at the same time… or move easily to different periods of human history.

There are many stories of UFO encounters in which people saw the same UFO at two different times… and sometimes in two different places!

Then the question arises… why are so many UFOs suddenly showing themselves to us?

One theory says that the increase in the frequency of UFO sightings and reports of encounters with these phenomena is due to the fact that x is becoming easier to detect.

Sensors have become more advanced, and there are more cameras and eyes watching the sky. In addition, there are new systems, such as radar, that work differently than older models.

All this makes it easier to detect strange objects in the sky and record UFO sightings.

Others suggest these UFO sightings are part of an ongoing information campaign to educate humanity on the idea of ​​other beings.

Another theory says that UFOs are here because this is an important moment in the history of mankind and that something grandiose, catastrophic, new – the Apocalypse – is about to happen.

… Perhaps they are interested in the current development of our planet, for example, the growth of our technologies and the potential for space travel. Or… they might also be concerned about our nuclear weapons.

Some people even believe that the UFOs are actually trying to tell us to stop using these weapons and take better care of the Earth and save our civilization. Let’s face it, we’re not good at this.

If they are benevolent, and if they changed the DNA of early humans to create homo sapiens, how would we, humanity, react to that?

On the one hand, there are people who may feel betrayed or deceived. It may seem to them that the “creators” used humanity for their own purposes and are not really kind.

On the other hand, there are people who will be fascinated by this discovery and grateful that they have more knowledge about our origins.

And the most important question will be – “Why?”? The purpose of alien genetic manipulation would be an important factor in how people react.

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