Gross: Kamala Harris Has to be Reminded to Greet the US Servicemen and Women Standing Behind Her (VIDEO)

Stolen elections have consequences.

Puerto Princesa – Kamala Harris on Tuesday spoke aboard a Philippine coast guard ship.

Kamala Harris is in the Philippines to engage in talks with President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

Harris reinforced the US’s support of the Philippines “in the face of intimidation and coercion in the South China Sea.”

After delivering remarks, Harris walked across the vessel and waved to reporters.

A handler had to remind Harris to greet the US servicemen and women aboard the coast guard ship.


This isn’t the first time Kamala Harris has disrespected service members.

Last year Kamala Harris was called out for not saluting the military when she arrived at or stepped off Air Force Two, unlike her predecessors former Vice Presidents Mike Pence and Joe Biden who both saluted the military.

“In one video Harris seems more interested in fluffing her hair than showing respect to the men and women who serve the nation.” TGP’s Kristinn Taylor noted.


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