Giant mysterious cave discovered in Antarctica (video)

Giant mysterious cave discovered in Antarctica (video)

Researchers often find various objects and formations in Antarctica that seem to have nothing to do with nature. Some of these structures have an explanation, but others elude our understanding.

The continent, which, presumably, has not yet been fully explored, undoubtedly hides some secret from humanity. Perhaps that is why the great powers do not want people to be free to be there, exploring unusual places.

Independent researchers believe that Google does not allow users of the service to explore the white spot thousands of kilometers in the center of the continent.

It is known that warm air periodically raises the temperature on this continent. Scientists believe that underground volcanoes are to blame, but some believe that this is not so. The reason may be different.

Perhaps the signals picked up by scientists do not come from outer space, but most likely from the bowels of Antarctica.

Many researchers believe that the part of the continent hidden by satellites may be inhabited by intelligent beings, possibly arriving from another planet.

The discovered formation is very mysterious, and more and more questions arise, seeing its similarity with others that we find on the shores of this continent.

This video was leaked to the Web quite recently, and so far there are no comments on it. Therefore, there are more questions than answers.


We used to think of #Antarctica as a lifeless icy wasteland, but it's not. According to recent studies, there is actually a huge biodiversity at the #South #Pole - only this flora and fauna lives mainly under the ice. Scientists at the Australian National University have discovered vast cave systems surrounding one of Antarctica's active volcanoes (yes, there are active volcanoes), and the team thinks the climate inside these caves could be warm enough to support many different animal and plant species. .

In 2019, researchers were studying Mount Erebus, an active volcano on Ross Island, and discovered an extensive network of caves melted into the ice by volcanic steam. After examining them, the scientists collected DNA samples corresponding to mosses, algae and some small invertebrates. They also found several DNA sequences that didn't match any known organisms, meaning there could be plant or animal species yet unknown to science waiting to be discovered in these #caves. "The results of our work provide a very intriguing idea of ​​what might be living under the ice in Antarctica," explains lead researcher Karidwen Fraser.

Next time, scientists are planning a much longer expedition deep into these caves to try to find traces of the mysterious Antarctic creatures. Some researchers suggest that entire unique ecosystems can exist in the depths of the ice tunnels! And this is just the beginning, because at the moment science knows 15 active volcanoes on the territory of Antarctica, and, probably, each one is surrounded by a network of subglacial caves that may hide other species that have not yet been discovered.

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