Democrat Rep. Claims Slavery Reparations Could Have Saved Black Americans From COVID

Leftists are now scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to arguments in favor of reparations for slavery.  This week, Democrat House Representative Sheila Jackson Lee from the 18th Congressional District surrounding Houston, Texas (one of the only blue districts in the entire state), "demanded" that reparations be made. 

Her argument?  Lee presents the usual debunked social justice narratives claiming that the generations of today are somehow responsible for and benefit from the trespasses of a minority of slave owners who lived centuries ago (Only 1.4% of the population of the US were slave owners in 1860 right before the Civil War according to stats derived from the Census Bureau - This is a number the media continually claims is "not a proper metric," and yet it is a mathematical fact.  Even if one includes the entire extended family of each slave owner in the metric as beneficiaries, the number is still only 7.4% of the population).   

Lee, who has a noted habit of making some of the dumbest comments of any congressional representative, also insists that black Americans would have had a lesser transmission rate and death rate from covid if they had been paid reparations in advance:

Lee does not cite the specific Harvard study she mentions in her speech that supposedly supports her assertion, but with social justice politics invading scientific inquiry the past few years, it is highly likely that said study is biased and holds no basis in fact.  One could say that ANY person might get better medical treatment if they had more money, but that is the extent of the argument and it has nothing to do with race or reparations or covid for that matter. 

As with most things, equity is a fantasy because nature does not operate on fairness.  Covid is not fair, just as life is not fair.  The reparations game has grown tiresome, most of all because every race, every culture and every religion has faced tyranny and slavery in the past.  There are no exceptions.  Trying to maintain a running tally of who wronged who over thousands of years is impossible and pointless. 

The political left prides itself on being "progressive" to the point that they seek to tear down the past and not let history or heritage determine the future.  Yet, they continue to cling like parasites to their own incomplete version of the history of slavery as a means to get free handouts for many years to come.  This is not progressive, this is regressive and holds our society back from true racial equality in which everyone's future is decided by their effort and their merit, not the color of their skin.      

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