Cruz: Dems Did Well In Midterms Because They Engaged "Whacked-Out Lefty Nut Job" Base

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

Senator Ted Cruz has claimed that the reason Democrats did better than expected in the midterm elections is because for the past two years they have focused on engaging and exciting a “left wing nut-job” base of young voters.

Cruz: Dems Did Well In Midterms Because They Engaged "Whacked-Out Lefty Nut Job" Base

Appearing on Hannity, Cruz stated “Here’s a lesson to take from last night. Look, why do the Democrats do better than expected? Because for two years they’ve governed as liberals. They’ve governed as whacked-out lefty nut jobs.”

“You know what that did?” Cruz continued, explaining “That excited their base, excited a bunch of young voters that came out in massive numbers because when you actually stand for something your base gets excited.”

“There’s a lesson for Republicans to learn,” the Senator declared, adding “when we have a majority next year, we damn better well act like it and use it, hold this administration to account.”

We need to be happy warriors. If we do that, that leads to victory. If we don’t stand and fight, then we don’t win,” Cruz concluded.


Did Democrats, some of them barely able to function and some of them even dead, manage to enagage the Tik-Tok voter?

What happened?

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