Clairvoyant Krzysztof Jackowski: A major global conflict will begin in February

Clairvoyant Krzysztof Jackowski: A major global conflict will begin in February
(Planet Today) With the onset of cold weather, the approach of Christmas and the subsequent New Year, countries and nations begin to be plagued by questions about the future. And although 2022 is still going on, Poles are tugging at the sleeve of their favorite clairvoyant every day to tell them what will happen - as he did 3.5 years ago, after which the world still cannot recover. There hasn't been a detailed vang from Mr. Jackowski yet, but we should dwell on the most interesting moments of his last two editions. So:

 I remember when the plague first started and you asked me to make a forecast for the next 3.5 years, I was talking about some deserted places where no one would be allowed to go. It seemed like some nonsense even to me at the time, but I'm afraid events are coming.  I'm afraid we're entering a much worse situation than we've been in the last three years - events are beginning to overlap, and I'm terrified that this vision of global war that I've talked about many times is about to be realized.

Now when I try to look into 2023 and try to see March or April, I see that the whole world is terrified of some bad event that has already happened. I don't think it will be Ukraine, as something will happen to the South-the event I associate with the word Euphrates. After something desperately bad happens there, the world will be slammed with a new wave of logistics disruptions and total shortages, some countries will even face a real famine. 

Not all of Europe will be in this bad situation - somewhere it will be worse, somewhere better. In Poland, in general, the situation will be normal by today's standards. The only thing that bothers me is that I see soldiers walking in the streets. There are a lot of them, and civilians have to obey them in everything. But there is nothing military going on in Poland. 

I associate the military more with discipline than with any kind of war or fight. These militaries will show up on the streets after some big casualties, which will not happen with us.  They will be concerned with what has already happened in the world by April 2023, but for you and me is yet to happen soon. 

What will happen and where is impossible to understand right now, but April 2023 will be some important and symbolic threshold that everyone will be talking about. It could be the end/beginning of a war, the end of some new quarantine, or, conversely, the beginning of some new severe restrictions. The timing is very difficult to grasp in a vision, but here April will be the threshold, as it were, that is important. 

Perhaps newspaper headlines can help shed some light on what's going on. For example, an article from November 23: "Czech Republic prepares for large-scale war...". What is written there is not very clear, because Czechs do not border with Ukraine and do not border with Moscow all the more so. What, then, is the point of all this? My guess is that there is a big global conflict coming, that World War III, which has already begun, is entering a kind of second stage. And most likely the Middle East will break through. 

Read the headlines about Iran and Turkey: On November 13, a bomb exploded in Istanbul, killing a dozen people and injuring many more. Immediately afterwards, very massive strikes began in Syria and Iraq against Kurdish terrorist groups. Turkey's president is furious and after the air attacks, ground troops will also respond to this vile attack on the Turks. That is, cannons will start firing and tanks will move in. So Mr. Erdogan is in a sense declaring war.

Then we read that Israel warns of Iran's insidious plans for the World Cup in Qatar. And the world atomic agency says that Iran has enriched its uranium to a critical quantity. And there are also protests there in Iran. All in all, some very dangerous news, and I wouldn't be surprised if this World Cup in Qatar gets pretty heated.

I warned you about this a long time ago: if a second war breaks out in the Middle East, even a local war, keep in mind that it would then be the fulfillment of my vision - a very dangerous fulfillment, for I talked about two independent wars that would break out one after the other and then one of them would get out of control. After that a great world war will break out.

Yesterday I recorded a video of how it all ties together and how bad it will be economically afterwards. If this global conflict happens, the crisis we have now will deepen and become unmanageable, and it could cause the world to lose confidence in money.  The Middle East, which is famous for its oil, and Muscovy, which also trades in oil, will stop supplying energy. This means a very serious deepening of the crisis.

Finally, the main thing that I wanted to say today. I saw that some people will spill something in some places - some liquid. There will be a huge panic from the spread of this liquid. Please don't confuse this with the panic in Poland, which I've said many times before. It will be in a different place. The poison will be poured out on the sand.

Moreover, it is very strange that physically there will be very little spillage, but this liquid will cause great panic, great emotion, and it will be very loud. I have this secondary feeling that soon we will be paying some hypertrophied attention to the air, that there will be talk of some kind of inequality, of areas where there may be pollution.

All in all, right now, if you look at the big picture, I see December and January as relatively calm. But then something very, very serious is going to happen, and it's going to happen before April. It will look as if some major collision in the world has occurred, but everything was suddenly as if frozen and there was uncertainty - what will happen next? Moreover, when I tried to look into April, making this vision - I never had that strange feeling of something so heavy and gloomy that the atmosphere in April would be saturated with.

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