BRAZIL – Another Victim of Election Fraud Technique Known as the “Drop and Roll”

BRAZIL – Another Victim of Election Fraud Technique Known as the “Drop and Roll”

TGP first reported on the “Drop and Roll” after the 2020 Presidential Election.  Now it looks like Brazil is a victim of this type of election theft as well. 

The election in Brazil is very similar to the 2020 Presidential Election in the US.  Like President Trump in 2020, the conservative candidate Bolsonaro’s party picked up numerous lower house seats and governorships across the country.  It was a conservative wave with the exception of the Presidential race.

In both races, the conservatives were ahead and then the socialist candidate somehow pulled out the win.

Steve Bannon interviewed Mathew Tyrmand on the Brazil election yesterday.  During their discussion, Tyrmand noted the following:

  • Bolsonaro’s party dominated the election and with the other conservative parties, and they will dominate the lower House in Brazil.
  • Bolsonaro was winning the election up to a certain point and then every ballot drop was won by the socialist candidate.  “The math doesn’t make sense at all.” Mathew Tyrmand shared.
  • The Mainstream Media immediately called the election for the socialist.
  • When speaking about events before the election Thyrmand noted, “There’s been no transparency.  There’s been censorship.  There’s been arrests of opposition.  There’s been penalization from the court to Bolsonaro’s party.”

The election in Brazil is very similar to the US election of 2020.

In Brazil, the election results were consistent for the socialists after a particular point in time.  This is what we referred to as the “roll” in the 2020 Election.

In 2020, President Trump was ahead all night in the key swing states by large margins, then in the middle of the night, there were huge ballot drops for Biden only.  Hundreds of thousands of Biden ballots were dropped which we referred to as the “drop”.  And then after that nearly every ballot batch recorded had the same ratio of Biden to Trump votes with Biden always receiving the same percent more than Trump (i.e. 51% to 49%).

In Brazil, it looks like the large ballot drops didn’t occur but the roll was in play for much of the election until the socialist suddenly pulled off the win.

The US is not the only victim of election fraud. 

(Article by Joe Hoft republished from TheGatewayPundit)

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