Biden campaign bragged about rigging Brazilian election against Bolsonaro

Biden campaign bragged about rigging Brazilian election against Bolsonaro

Foreign Policy
magazine published an article this week admitting that Joe Biden and his people rigged the Brazilian election against Jair Bolsonaro, who lost by a very slim margin.

In what has been described as “rare, escalatory diplomatic meetings,” the Biden regime, including members of the White House, Defense Department, State Department and CIA, threatened the Bolsonaro administration while spreading lies and misinformation to the corporate media.

CIA Director William Burns, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin all reportedly took turns threatening Bolsonaro for months leading up to the election, which was clearly rigged in much the same way as the 2020 presidential election here in the United States.

They were desperate to see socialist Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva win so they threw everything they had at destroying Bolsonaro – and it worked. But according to international politico Matthew Tyrmand, what happened in Brazil was “mathematically impossible.”

Recall from the 2020 election here in the U.S. that despite Joe Biden’s alleged “win,” there was no corresponding down ballot success. This means people supposedly voted for Biden while not voting for any other Democrats on the ticket, which is highly improbable.

Not only did every House Republican incumbent win in 2020, but the Republican Party as a whole gained a whopping 14 seats that year. Again, this makes little sense if Biden supposedly received more votes than any other president in history while the rest of his party lost the election.

“I’ve been involved in over 111 federal elections,” writes Ali Alexander. “There’s never been one like the American election in 2020 or the Brazilian election in 2022. Voters don’t vote in those patterns and data has never been tabulated in these patterns. Mass uniformity in ballot returns is statistically improbable.”

“Yet, it only occurs in elections where nationalist leaders (like both President Donald J. Trump and President Bolsonaro) were supposedly deposed? Give me a break!”

Brazil’s military possesses power to intervene when elections are fraudulent

The reason why Brazil’s election was apparently stolen is because Bolsonaro, much like Trump, was extremely vocal in his opposition to the radical Marxist agenda. He also opposed Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions, which is a major no-no that deeply upsets the globalists.

The good news for Brazil is that the country’s constitution allows for military intervention in elections. If suspicions arise surrounding an election’s legitimacy, the military has legal oversight and responsibility it can invoke as a fix.

“This election in Brazil must be audited,” Alexander says. “Those in the international order are undermining democracies in the name of saving, protecting, or fortifying them. They are the totalitarian monsters they pretend to be concerned with.”

“Worse, they are piss poor oligarchs to boot. They produce death, inflation, an energy crisis, and we are mere steps away from a nuclear world war. Patriots everywhere must stand up for sovereign states, governments ruled by citizens not bureaucrats, and fair elections.”

Alexander, by the way, appeared before the January 6th Select Committee to provide evidence exonerating Trump and conservative members of Congress who were accused of “plotting an insurrection” at the Capitol building. He is also suing Nancy Pelosi and her committee.

“As much as the Republican’ts pretend it was all the mean evil democrats that rigged the election against Trump, it was both parties working for the same people to rig the election,” one commenter wrote. “That’s why no Republican or Democrat will ever be held accountable.”

“It’s election time and the Republican’ts have to have something to whine about.”

Another responded to this in affirmation, noting that when Pope Francis appeared before Congress recently, members of both parties were seen “hysterically cheering together,” suggesting they are all the same.

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