"We Gonna Kill Rats": New York City Battles "Sea Of Rodents"

As 'nature heals' following more than two years of lockdowns, New York City is tackling a "sea of rodents" that has taken over the streets.

In a Monday press conference, Mayor Eric Adams and crew announced that the city would be limiting the window for residents to put their trash on the curb from 4pm to 8pm. If residents have sealed containers, they can place them outside no earlier than 6 pm.

"We Gonna Kill Rats": New York City Battles "Sea Of Rodents"

"This will reduce the amount of time trash is out before collections," said Mayor Eric Adams. "No more watching these bags litter our sidewalks."

Adams has pledged to solve the city’s sanitation issues and said in June that part of the more than $100 billion budget this year will be allocated to clean up public spaces. In the first six months of 2022, complaints about trash on sidewalks jumped to 17,749 from 13,026, Politico reported in August. Rat sightings increased 71% since 2020, New York City Council member Shaun Abreu said at the press conference. -Bloomberg

"Everyone that knows me, they know one thing - I hate rats," said Adams, adding "We gonna kill rats. Rats have no place in the city, and we're going to use every method as needed..."

More quotables from the conference, as noted by Bloomberg's Emma Court;

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