Twitter Is Fine With Pfizer Propaganda, But Comic Books About The US Border Crisis Are Not Allowed

Twitter Is Fine With Pfizer Propaganda, But Comic Books About The US Border Crisis Are Not Allowed

Only a couple weeks ago, corporate Pharma giant Pfizer partnered with Marvel and widely promoted a new one-shot comic book featuring classic Avengers heroes leaping into action as children watch from the sidelines in a hospital.  The children learn that in order to become like the Avengers they don't need to fight villains, all they need to do is get their new covid mRNA vaccines.  The propaganda campaign was all over Twitter's social media platform and the ethics of the source was never questioned.

Twitter Is Fine With Pfizer Propaganda, But Comic Books About The US Border Crisis Are Not Allowed

The book has been immediately dated due to Pfizer's recent admission under oath at the EU Parliament that their covid vaccines were never tested in the prevention of viral transmission, upending months of claims that getting the vax meant saving grandma and grandpa from exposure to the disease.  The claim that the vaccines were “proven” to prevent transmission was also used as the basis for covid passport schemes in nations across the west, trampling the personal rights of millions.  

Pfizer essentially gets to say and do what they want on Twitter, and Marvel has the same luxury.  Neither company has anything to fear in terms of their voices being censored due to the political leanings they might exhibit, the issues they address or the fallacies they might spread.  Some groups are protected because they have the “correct” politics.

In yet another incident which showcases the ideological bias of a platform which has long claimed to have never targeted conservatives, it appears that Twitter is not so favorable towards comic books that veer away from leftist ideology.

Comic book writer/creator and Eisner award winner Mike Baron, known for his popular work on The Punisher, has had to go independent in order to continue telling pro-military, pro-police and pro-conservative stories.  Marvel has since neutered the Punisher franchise, long hated by leftists because they consider the character to be a symbol for the political right.  Baron can't make Punisher comics anymore, so he created his own characters as a means to explore topics which are important for conservatives. 

His latest effort is a book called 'Private American', which tells the story of a US border overrun by illegal immigration and human trafficking, a border patrol agency overwhelmed and a federal government that does nothing to help.  The hero, a Cuban American and army veteran, decides to step in to thwart the criminal threat.

If we set aside the comic book element, it's basically a documentation of current events.  

Without the backing of large corporate marketing machines like Marvel, Baron has to turn to social media to promote his work.  Unfortunately, Twitter has not been receptive.  The account for Private American has been permanently banned and Baron is not allowed to use any alternative accounts to discuss his creative efforts.  Twitter claims that the comic violates its terms of service and that the Private American account is used for “abusive behavior.”  No examples of violations have yet been provided by the social media company.

Twitter Is Fine With Pfizer Propaganda, But Comic Books About The US Border Crisis Are Not Allowed

When asked what the real reason for the ban might be, Baron and his team had this to say:

“We think the ban is most likely due to the content being pro-border control. We have seen our last three projects deal with some kind of big tech censorship: Florida Man was banned from the comic books subreddit (with 2.7 million comicbook fans) because moderators loath conservative creators. Facebook rejected our ads for Thin Blue Line (a pro police graphic novel), until FOX News did a story about it and they relented, saying there was violence depicted but upon another review, it was acceptable. Now Twitter has said we use multiple accounts for "abusive behavior" and to evade banning.

If we were using multiple accounts to abuse people, then why not ban ALL of the accounts I operate?  We can show proof that all of our Private American posts are promotional or only share news stories dealing with the border chaos.

When we asked Twitter to be more specific of what we could do to remedy this, they never responded again.”

The purging of conservatives from social media is real, and certain issues can be declared taboo at any given moment to the advantage of the political left.  If something makes them look bad they don't have to debate the details or defend their policies, all they have to do is silence the discussion.  This includes censoring writers and artists that simply address the existence of a problem from a non-leftist perspective.

"Ten years ago, this book wouldn't have raised an eyebrow," Baron says. "But in today's hyper-politicized climate, with a press that won't do its job, the simple act of stating the obvious truth that borders are necessary is considered forbidden speech."

A lawsuit was filed in May of this year against top ranking Biden Admin officials, citing evidence that indicates potential collusion with Big Tech companies like Facebook and Twitter.  Internal documents released by Republican Attorneys General Eric Schmitt of Missouri and Jeff Landry of Louisiana suggest that the White House used connections and influence within these companies to censor and ban accounts which disagreed with their official narratives.  

The DHS “Government Disinformation Board”, which was disbanded after only three weeks due to massive public backlash, was meant to become an extension of the White House coordination with social media companies.

Perhaps the border crisis has been added to the Biden list of forbidden topics?  Specifically, the concept of “private Americans” standing up and doing something about it? 

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