TOTAL RECALL: Will FDA recall mRNA vaccines now that millions are injured and dead, or does that logic only apply to contaminated food?

TOTAL RECALL: Will FDA recall mRNA vaccines now that millions are injured and dead, or does that logic only apply to contaminated food?

Pfizer-Gate is well under way in America, and rather than recalling all the mRNA “vaccines” that are injuring and killing hundreds of millions of Americans, the FDA and CDC are pushing for every child to get the deadly jabs instead. No recalls. No apologies. There should be a total recall of ALL mRNA jabs, now that Dr. Robert Malone, the creator of the technology, has blown the whistle and called out that the dangers FAR outweigh any benefits, if any at all.

How ironic that the FDA and USDA act like they care about the health and welfare of Americans, when they recall some meat or peanut butter for contamination, but do nothing about the defective and deadly Covid-19 gene mutation injections.

In fact, just this last April (2022), the USDA recalled 120,000 pounds of ground beef over E. coli concerns, after the beef was shipped to stores all across the nation. Yes, Lakeside Refrigerated Services out of New Jersey recalled beef (EST. 46841) that is in hundreds of different products, including beef patties and ground beef packages, sold across America, in order to protect Americans from getting sick, hospitalized, and possibly dying (also so the company won’t get sued for millions and bankrupted).

Also this year, in May, the FDA and CDC worked in tandem to recall J.M. Smucker’s peanut butter that was linked to salmonella outbreaks across multiple US states. Infections were linked to specific Jif products produced by J.M. Smucker in Lexington, Kentucky. The FDA went so far as to conduct WGS analysis (whole genome sequencing) on a sample of the contaminated peanut butter to try to contain the outbreak of salmonella (lot #’s 1274425 – 2140425).

In other words, the highly corrupt FDA and CDC recall peanut butter if there’s ONE person sick from E. coli, or how onions or spinach get recalled, or BEEF, if just a few people get sick. Yet with vaccines, over a million Americans are DEAD, with millions injured, and no recall.

The time is now to recall all mRNA “vaccines” due to safety concerns regarding vascular clots, cancer, miscarriages, myocarditis, pericarditis, and millions of cases of SADS

Sudden adult death syndrome (SADS) is striking even the most healthy people in America, just days after being Covid-vaccinated with mRNA technology. There’s an elephant in the room, and the AMA, FDA and CDC have forbid any medical doctors, coroners, pediatricians, immunologists, obstetricians, and oncologists from saying a single word about it, ever.

Now that the CDC has added the deadly clot shots to the childhood vaccination schedule, we will surely witness an massive influx of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), not to be confused with shaken baby syndrome. Still, no talk of recalls for the deadly so-called Fauci Flu jabs, just more push to mandate the jabs for every child in the country.

It’s not a virus pandemic but a vaccine pandemic. It’s a vaccine holocaust, and not one single news reporter is talking about the need for the FDA and CDC to recall these contaminated and deadly jabs. It’s as absurd as if the country was influenced to eat MORE E. salmonella-contaminated peanut butter and suck down more E.coli-infested ground beef, instead of recalling it all.

Should the contaminated peanut butter and infected meat be RECOMMENDED by the FDA and CDC for consumption for all American children? Will that help them ‘build immunity’ to the viruses and bacteria? Certainly the Covid clot shots are doing more damage than good, so the claim of “safe and effective” has been completely debunked and obliterated. It must be that Pfizer and Moderna don’t care how many humans are gravely injured or killed by their clot shots because they can never be sued, thanks to Congress. No wonder there are NO vaccine recalls. Take that into careful consideration.

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