Russia 2nd wave attack on Ukraine now appears imminent; Biden wages ECONOMIC war against China’s semiconductor industry

Russia 2nd wave attack on Ukraine now appears imminent; Biden wages ECONOMIC war against China’s semiconductor industry

With 300,000 troops mobilized and a reported 70,000 Belarusian troops ready to join the fight, Russia is staging tanks, personnel and even Mig-31 fighter jets in Belarus in what appears to be preparation for a 2nd wave assault against Ukraine. Kiev will likely be the target in this assault, as Putin attempts to topple the Ukrainian government and bring an end to Zelensky’s corrupt regime and its failed chapter of western expansion in Eastern Europe.

Over the weekend, Kamikaze drone strikes rocked Kiev, although these are little more than nuisance demonstrations compared to what’s likely coming. WarNews24/7 (a Greek website) has reported that Mig-31 fighters landed in Belarus, as Russia reportedly confirms that Belarusian Su-25s are being equipped to carry nuclear weapons. From that story (translated into English):

Konstantin Vorontsov, deputy head of the Russian delegation to the meeting of the First Committee of the United Nations General Assembly reported that Russia is transferring Iskander-M systems to Belarus and retrofitting some Belarusian Su-25 aircraft with nuclear weapons.

“At this stage, we are only talking about the transfer of equipment of Iskander-M missile systems to conventional equipment in the Republic of Belarus, as well as providing some of the Belarusian Su-25 aircraft with the ability to carry nuclear weapons.

China urgently tells all citizens to immediately evacuate Ukraine… is joined by half a dozen other countries

Adding to the clues about an imminent attack, China has issued an urgent warning for all its citizens to evacuate Ukraine. As China’s official mouthpiece Global Times reports, many Chinese nationals have signed up for evacuation assistance in order to leave the country:

Some Chinese nationals still in Ukraine have signed up for evacuation from the country, with most registering for organized evacuations, while others are preparing to leave Ukraine on their own, the Global Times learned on Sunday, after the Chinese Foreign Ministry urged Chinese citizens to leave Ukraine, citing the grave security situation.

In a notice issued on Saturday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that given the grave security situation in Ukraine, it calls upon Chinese nationals still in the country to strengthen security precautions and evacuate the country.

Why the sudden evacuation order? Clearly, China knows what’s coming for Ukraine, and it won’t be a safe place for any civilians once Russia’s second attack wave gets under way.

Similar evacuation orders have been issued by Egypt, Serbia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, among other nations.

Biden wages extreme economic war with China, forcing the nation into retaliation against the United States

Last week, Biden signed an order criminalizing all support for China’s semiconductor industry. This order prohibits Americans from even working for Chinese semiconductor companies, and it threatens sanctions for companies around the world that provide semiconductor equipment, supplies or personnel support to China.

As this thread from Jordan Schneider reveals, this move achieved overnight “annihilation” of China’s semiconductor industry, as all American nationals were forced to immediately resign and cease work in China:

Every American executive and engineer working in China’s semiconductor manufacturing industry resigned yesterday, paralyzing Chinese manufacturing overnight.

One round of sanctions from Biden did more damage than all four years of performative sanctioning under Trump.

Long story short, every advanced node semiconductor company is currently facing comprehensive supply cut-off, resignations from all American staff, and immediate operations paralysis.

This is what annihilation looks like: China’s semiconductor manufacturing industry was reduced to zero overnight. Complete collapse. No chance of survival.

As I pointed out in today’s Situation Update podcast (below), this move is the modern-day equivalent of the energy blockade the US Navy rolled out against Japan in World War II. That blockade was designed to force Japan to attack the United States in order to stop the energy blockade. At that time, the powers that be wanted the USA to fight Japan but there wasn’t enough public support until Pearl Harbor was allowed to take place. It was the US naval blockade that forced Japan’s hand, thrusting the imperial nation into a corner where they had no choice but to attack the United States and try to cripple its navy. The US Navy was ordered to stand down and allow Pearl Harbor to take place (much like 9/11) in order to create an emotionally-charged event that would evoke widespread support for the war by the American people.

Now, Joe Biden’s economic embargo of China’s semiconductor industry appears to be engineered to achieve the exact same thing. China is being forced to attack the United States as a matter of economic survival — and the Biden / Obama regime is able to steer China into exactly the outcome they want: War with the United States.

Note carefully that the US money masters need yet another reason to print trillions of dollars and try to stave off the imminent banking and currency collapse. An outbreak of world war would provide them the cover they need for one last desperate round of money printing, and that’s one of the main reasons why the USA is poking the bear with Russia and waging an economic embargo against China.

It’s all designed to provoke both Russia and China into attacking the United States, creating yet another crisis that can be exploited to print money, enslave the masses and roll out a form of wartime martial law across America.

They desperately need world war to justify all this.

Get full details in today’s Situation Update podcast here:

– Russian 2nd wave attack on Ukraine / Kiev seems imminent
– Russia is moving Mig-31 fighters to Belarus, capable of hypersonic missiles.
– Biden signing order to annihilate China’s semiconductor industry virtually overnight
– China will be forced to retaliate, much like Japan in WWII
– China orders all its citizens to urgently evacuate Ukraine
– A multitude of other countries are also ordering citizens to evacuate
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– Bodybuilder fails vaccine challenge by DYING after getting vaxxed
– Global collapse of animal populations under way: 70% drop in 50 years
– Geoengineering is collapsing the biosphere that supports life
– Massive human POLLUTION is making rivers and oceans a toxic stew
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– Dutch government to seize 600 farms at gunpoint to collapse European food
– Energy collapse of Europe makes it impossible to manufacture “green” energy hardware
– Interview with Aaron Brickman on market cycles and the Fourth Turning

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