“No One Wants to Go to War with Russia Other Than Poland and a Few People in Washington D.C.” – Col. Doug MacGregor on Biden Wanting War with Russia (VIDEO)

“No One Wants to Go to War with Russia Other Than Poland and a Few People in Washington D.C.”

Former adviser to the Defense secretary Doug MacGregor weighed in on what will happen if Ukraine joins NATO, as well as who was behind the destruction of the pipelines in Europe. 

After sharing that what Senator Graham and Joe Biden shared on Russia and the pipelines that were sabotaged, Col. Douglas MacGregor shared the following:

The destruction of the pipeline was clearly not executed by Russia.  No one believes that.  In fact the Germam population is being polled and overwhelmingly is opposed to the notion of any war with Russia and dismisses out of hand the notion that the Russians are responsible for the pipeline.

MacGregor mentioned three things that appear clear:

Putin has decided that no one in Washington will negotiate with him and he knows that Washington is ultimately in control.

As a result, Putin will escalate actions in Ukraine.  MacGregor mentioned that Russia has always been outnumbered in Ukraine since the war began and this may soon change.

He may settle this dispute in Ukraine on terms that we may not like.  But other than Poland no one is interested in going to war with Russia.  If we persist on this design, we will see NATO dissolve and fragment…

…No one wants to go to war with Russia, other than the Poles and a few people in Washington D.C.

It looks like the only people that want World War III with Russia are Joe Biden, Senator Lindsey Graham, and their war hawk gang in D.C.


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