Israel Destroys Iranian Drone-Making Plant In Syria

The Israeli Air Force reportedly destroyed an Iranian drone factory during a bombing raid on Syrian territory on Friday, coming at a moment that Iran-manufactured drones are focus on international attention for their alleged use by Russian forces in Ukraine.

The attack is being described as the first such Israeli operation in Syria in a month. Prior to this latest attack, Israeli attacks on Syria had come almost weekly. But Israel's Haaretz in describing this new operation presented "a more complicated picture of a drone manufacturing and weapons storage site not far from Lebanon and Israel's borders," citing an external war monitor.

Israel Destroys Iranian Drone-Making Plant In Syria
Iranian Army via AP

As is typical with Israeli actions, the aim was reportedly to disrupt an Iranian arms manufacturing operation believed to be supplying Hezbollah.

According to Newsmax, "The U.K.-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported the facility assembled unmanned vehicles whose parts were manufactured in Iran and then secretly shipped to Dimas in southern Syria, according to news outlets Ynet and Haaretz."

The alleged drone and weapons manufacturing site also appeared an ideal target for Israeli forces as the depot wasn't far from Lebanon and Israel's borders. No casualties were officially reported as a result.

As for alleged Iranian drone use inside Ukraine, Russia has continued its official denials, particularly in the face of calls for a UN Security Council investigation. According to a weekend Associated Press update

Russian Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia said the drones are Russian and warned that an investigation would violate the U.N. Charter and seriously affect relations between Russia and the United Nations.

U.S. deputy ambassador Jeffrey DeLaurentis said that "the U.N. must investigate any violations of U.N. Security Council resolutions — and we must not allow Russia or others to impede or threaten the U.N. from carrying out its mandated responsibilities."

The US push at the UN comes following two weeks of dozens of Ukrainian cities and towns coming under stepped-up aerial attacks by cruise missiles as well as drones. 

Ukraine and the US say they can prove Russia is using them, citing that Ukrainian forces have lately shot down at least 16 Shahed-136 'Kamikaze drones supplied from Iran. US and allied investigators are reportedly analyzing the wreckage of the drones.

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