How often should you dye your hair?

How often should you dye your hair?

You love to follow hair trends and you don’t hesitate to change the color of your hair regularly. But did you know that there is a time limit to respect between two dyes?

What is the frequency to respect between each hair dye?

Some are constantly on the lookout for a new hair style or look. In this case, going to the hairdresser, just to refresh your haircut or dye your hair, becomes a habit if not a ritual. Everyone succumbs to it whether by desire or by need. Many do not hesitate to dye their hair to make a splash with those around them, when others do it, to cover the few gray or white hairs that are beginning to appear. Nevertheless and whatever the reasons, it is necessary to respect a certain time between each coloring.

The length of time to respect before considering dyeing your hair

Several aesthetic reasons may encourage you to refresh your color, including: loss of shine, visible roots, gray or even white hair. Nevertheless and before giving in to temptation, it is necessary to respect a very specific time between two colorings.

Indeed, it is advised to wait 4 to 6 weeks before considering coloring your hair. Nevertheless, certain colorings based on gentle formulas, reduced in ammonia and containing few oxidants, could allow you to shorten this period. Despite everything and if your hair is very sensitive, it is recommended to wait a month or even a month and a half, at least.

In addition, and for your coloring to last longer, do not hesitate to favor the use of products for colored hair containing antioxidants. These will help defend your hair against external aggressions, whether it is pollution or the sun’s rays, among others.

Hair coloring, a risk for your health?

If you dye your hair regularly, chances are you’ll change your mind after reading the following lines. Indeed, the permanent coloring which makes it possible to cover all the white hair, to lighten or change the original color, is an oxidation coloring. This last attacks the hair chemically in order to be able to recolor it from the inside. The ammonia or alkaline agents present in these chemical dyes, allow the hair to be lifted so that the other substances can penetrate the hair fiber. This is also the case with semi-permanent dye, even if considered less aggressive, as it contains little oxidant and ammonia.

Despite everything and whatever the hair color envisaged, the latter can have some side effects on your health, which cannot and must not be neglected, as relayed by the newspaper Le Figaro. Thus, they can irritate the skin, cause allergies and above all be toxic. Like ammonia, a molecule contained in these products, which can be corrosive to the skin and lungs, and cause breathing difficulties when used. This is also the case with ethanolamine, this ammonia derivative, although less corrosive, can also cause severe allergies when used in hair coloring.

A natural alternative to dye your hair?

To avoid certain complications that chemical hair dyes could cause, some hairdressers have decided to turn to vegetable dyes. In fact, these are intended healthier and less dangerous for health while offering the same result.

Less polluting and less aggressive, these vegetable colorings available in the form of tinctorial powders, are increasingly marketed. As their name may suggest, these powders are made only of plant products, be it roots, leaves, powdered plants or even spices. Nevertheless, these tinctures must be mixed with water in order to obtain a paste to be applied to the hairwhich requires a fairly substantial pause time.

A natural recipe to cover white hair

Several ingredients within reach of cooking can be of great use to you for dyeing your hair naturally.

Coffee helps to color and give a slightly darker shade to the hair. For this, prepare 250 ml of strong coffee. In a bowl, put two tablespoons of coffee grounds, 200 ml of leave-in conditioner, then add the liquid coffee. Cover the roots then all the lengths of your hair with the mixture and leave on for an hour or more, then rinse your hair.

As you have seen, it is necessary to respect a certain time before considering recoloring your hair. To avoid any health risk related to the products contained in these products, consider seeking the advice of your hairdresser or simply opt for natural coloring.

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