Could This Be The First Video Of A New Chinese Stealth Drone?

Video has surfaced on social media of what could be a Chinese flying-wing stealth drone in the air, according to The Drive. The mysterious drone appears very similar in platform to the Northrop Grumman X-47B.

Could This Be The First Video Of A New Chinese Stealth Drone?
Source: The Drive

The video was first uploaded to the Chinese blogging website Weibo and has since been shared on Twitter. The 14-second video shows what appears to be the Star Shadow flying in the skies of China. 

"At first sight, the drone in the video looks a lot like the Star Shadow, which is a flying wing design with a modified 'cranked kite' wing. However, the blurry nature of the original footage makes it hard to determine many details," The Drive explained. 

The military blog continued: 

"Indeed, it's difficult to even gauge the scale of the vehicle shown in the footage, which may also show some kind of reduced-size test specimen or radio-controlled model that could be associated with the Star Shadow or with other projects entirely."

Remember, China has been betting on drone warfare and developing high-tech military unmanned aerial vehicles over the last decade. 

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